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[Sentience] Possible fading?
Recently, I’ve been feeling head pressures, which I believe to be my Tulpa gaining sentience. However, as of late the feeling has been weaker and I don’t feel it as much. I was wondeing what this might be and what I could do to fix it.

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Whenever we experience fading if i force more, it reverses. It can also be affected by mood and there must he a tie in to other body processes, because they get weak when i'm sick.
Head pressure isn't necessarily your tulpa. If its been fading and you have kept forcing every day then the head pressure was probably not your tulpa
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The head pressures I would get always hurt more when they were random and caused by no one. Ranger only gave me significant head pressures / headaches when he was active for too long.
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Could also be that you've been exercising the things that cause head pressures more, thereby the head pressures may be less noticeable. It's very possible that these pressures are caused by the use of areas of your brain that weren't used before and the blood supply wasn't up to par, hense, head-ache type feeling. Or just tension in muscles is your scalp which in both cases should lessen with time due to use.
Head pressures could go away over time. Preferably you've got other ways your tulpa can communicate with you (like feelings or "Tulpish", which is like the meaning of words and such without the vocal part of the words) by that time, but maybe not. I would still keep doing what you've been doing (or of course trying new things if you want), head pressures are more likely a result of your brain doing new things it's not used to than of your tulpa communicating itself. But since "having a tulpa" is the new thing your brain's working on.. they go hand in hand.
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They go away overtime don't worry. I was worried as well when it happened to me but nothing happened to my tuppers.
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I only ever got head pressures when I was training visualization, which I started well before I ever made a tulpa. They went away as I got more skilled and adjusted to the task. As several people have said, head pressures aren't really a sign of sentience so much as unusual mental activity. I'm not completely sure that that unusual activity can't be a tulpa, but it's not something you can rely on an indicator of a tulpa's presence, and even if it does indicate the tulpa's presence they will fade over time as your brain adapts to their activity. If you're still forcing as much as before, I'd say that head pressures going away is probably a good sign, not a bad one.
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