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How'd you find Tulpa.info?

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Googled 'how to make tulpas' or something similar and ended up here.


But where did you first hear/see the word 'tulpa'?

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Guest Vixx

Post says tulpa. Info.......but I first heard of it about 6 years ago when I was looking into making servitors. The article seemed to say that they were both thoughtforms but tulpas were almost certain to turn on their creators at some point...so I stuck to servitors back then.

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I admit, I found out abou Tulpas from the creepy pasta. I went on to do proper research on the subject and found this community.



Same here. Some comment on the page said they were real, and as I was into creepypasta based on real origins, I found the FAQ. Was a little scared/skeptical at first, but as I researched more, it caught my interest.

Tulpa/Servitor: Gwen

Birthday: 6/8/2016 (although she's much older (month's), this was when I first actually talked to her)

Sex/Gender: Female

Form: None (until I come up with one)

Stage of Development: Non-vocal, maybe sapient(?), communicates through head pressure.


Sentience: ability to feel and sense.


Sapience: ability to think rationally about that feeling and sensing.

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I found Tulpa.info through the TV Show Supernatural, and the enemy was a Tulpa in the episode ;_;. So after watching the episode I asked my friend about the episode and what the heck a tulpa is and she was talking about it and came across the subject of a creepy pasta blah blah blah (Which got me interested), then with some more research I came across the original 4chan Tulpa thread and found Tulpa.info ;o.

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I was watching the youtube channel This Exists. I like weird communities.

He hasn't featured Tulpamancy yet. But a comment mentioned it as another crazy community to investigate.

I was like wtf?

Then I forgot it for few days.

Then I watched the latest X-files episode and it mentioned Tulpa's.

Of course that thing being alive and killing is imaginary, nothing to do with the tulpa concept here.

But that made me remember the Tulpa concept and searched again on the internet and found this forum and also another reddit channel. And started reading. Crazy stuff..

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I was talking with someone on facebook who suddenly asked me if I knew about tulpamancy and related stuff. After that, it suggested me this site and well... Here we are

We like helping other people and learning new things in the process


Tulpae (years of existence):


Cross (16 years) - Angel || The cool a̶n̶d̶ ̶c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ one


Pr. Artemis (2 years) - Alicorn || The serious and correct one

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I listened to MrCreepyPasta read a creepypasta based on tulpas and Aelita began to take form as I listened. I decided to look up whether tulpas were actually "a thing" (spoiler alert: yes obviously) and tulpa.info was the second result. Then I began purposefully forming Aelita and here we are now.

Nothing bad ever happens in this town.

Nothing bad ever happens in this town!!

But when the town goes to sleep

You can hear the sound of something devious,

Of something quite mysterious

Lurking in the dark...

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I think I already said it in my first post here, but oh well.

I was actually looking for more Otherkin informations, then found a FAQ about that topic. At the bottom the author was specifying that being otherkin and being a tulpamancer were completely different things. I searched the keyword on the Internet and found the related Vice article - from there I found the site.

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