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a world of tulpas


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I made about 100 - 150 tulpas and I can make them be active all together, do you believe me?

and I can make one right now in 2 seconds and it will be talking fully, do you believe me?

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Of course! :D It's great you managed to reach such a mastery of your brain, you should write guides to share this wisdom you accumulated !

You so lucky, I wish things were that easy for me D:

(Cora: I hope readers will get the irony, or you'll be taken for a dummy)

No animosity intended ever 


Cora now has her own account ! :D


English isn't our native language, please be indulgent :)

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Guest Anonymous

I bet everyone of them have perfect imposition as well and are great sex partners!

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and are great sex partners!


Actually, from experience, in-system sex is fantastic, so I wouldn't be surprised.


Judge me if you wish.

Niteo and Amber Take On the World


Amber speaks in italics right now.


Talk to Niteo on here or on discord


We share the body, we share a life. I'm not an accessory to his life...



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Guest Anonymous

I guess I can't really judge people for telling me that in-system sex is great for them.  I guess I should just be happy for them.  I mean if it makes you happy and feels good that leads to peace and happiness all around right?  I personally prefer actual sex with a real biological human woman.  I can't imagine a day dream, hologram, hallucination anywhere in any circumstance that would be as satisfactory for myself.  So I guess if I am skeptical, I am skeptical that it would be good for me.  


One thing I should mention.  I found out about Fantasy Prone Personalities and identify strongly with that.  One of the traits of some  Fantasy Prone Personalities is that they can be sexually stimulated/climax without the need for physical contact (only by their mind) "receiving sexual satisfaction without physical stimulation."  I have never experienced anything like that but there is research to back it up apparently.

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I can imagine people talking to me with the same awareness a tulpa would have, too. I could make a Melian right now and have her think she was THE Melian but in my brain for some reason. That's why I call the act of creating a tulpa for me at this point "acknowledging sentience", or something like that. You can do it with one thoughtform, you can do it with any.


I try not to though. Don't want any more tulpas right now. And that doesn't make them a tulpa anyways. Tulpas are supposed to be persistent. You can possibly create any character in a few moments and give them mind-wide awareness, but how long do they stick around once you stop paying attention to them? Most likely they're absolutely gone unless you think of them again. They've zero connections in your brain, meaning they're entirely reliant on you to exist or act at all. They won't do things on their own and they won't respond autonomously when given only slight attention. They have no depth. Using a pre-existing person you know well can call upon memories of how that person acts and reacts, but it still takes some work to bridge the gap between imagined and tulpa even there. Anyone can imagine that with a family member they know well even if they've never had tulpas. Tulpas require some grounding in the mind to exist beyond just being imagined, being more in-tune with the mind as a whole, becoming their own person, and getting to the point where they themselves have some control over things. What exactly I don't know, could be their mindvoice (which feels/sounds different from having an imagined character talk - again sort of a level higher, it feels more important/real than the purely imagined) or their form in the wonderland/visualization, whatever. The point is once they're able to have control over something, they're more or less independent enough to be considered a tulpa. Probably.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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