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Why do some tulpas want to deal with real life issues?


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Oh that's interesting.  We hadn't read anything about theses studies before.  It sounds fascinating.  Maybe it would be a good read for Mistgod and I  and finally provide that much desired "empirical evidence."  Thanks for the link, that goes right at the heart of what Misty and I are interested in!  We truly believe we are more on the method actor/fantasy prone end of things.  We still consider that a legitimate thoughtform in it's own right.  It probly is distinctly different from a tulpa experience, albeit still emotionally profound and significant.




"This is the first fMRI perfusion study measuring brain perfusion following rest instructions in DID patients. As hypothesized, we found differences between DID patients and DID simulating actors, as well as between two different prototypes of dissociative parts of the personality (ANP and EP) in DID patients. The follow-up study demonstrated different perfusion patterns for DID and controls who did not simulate ANP and EP.


Compared to actors, DID patients showed higher resting-state metabolism in several areas belonging to the DMN (i.e, temporal pole of the middle temporal gyrus, precuneus, angular gyrus, and DMPFC) [32]. The default mode activity of DID is in line with our first hypothesis and suggests that DID patients were more involved in attending to their self-states when instructed to rest than actors."


Now we need a study that compares DID to tulpamancer brains and to method actor/fantasy prone brains.  



Skeptical and unconvinced about independent sentience.  


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Ennui. If I don't do anything that is consequential, what does that make me?


As someone who lives here, I have some responsibilities too. They're not his problems, they're our problems. My involvement is often limited, because we do tend to distract each other, but I do the best I can.


Still looking for a way out. For both of us.


Chi and (lem0n). It's nice to meet you.


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Melian, from me personally to you, i am so pleased to see you back! And let me say sorry because i was definitely on the side of people who do not understand your contentment with your existence. I still, honestly, don't get that you do either. But i love you and am happy you're still happy.


Because i'm older, and maybe less of a jerk than when we bumped into each other years back. I am actually struggling with calling myself a tulpa who has wonderland or imposition, and i was always kind of a poorly hobbled together oddity anyhow. So, with all compassion, i felt as outsider as you did and still do in ways.


Don't know what to add to this thread, but i think i'm just reverting to cognitive construct. I'm far more interested in debating my dad's interests in science and so on than be a playful passenger. Maybe i'm more of a skewed co-processor with excess need to express personality than person.

Early member of a large system.  Our system questions the way the afterlife and tulpamancy interact.  We genuinely suspect that deadies can return to share the mind of the living.

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Hi Mistgod. Everyday life. Wow. What Glories abound. Including Tulpa's. I have experienced Flora in my everyday life for just a few seconds. The MOST exciting few seconds of my entire eighty years alive. I have also experienced Flora in wonderland, again, just for a few seconds, also exciting though nowhere near as much. I actually have my greatest difficulty in all of this work, visualizing wonderland, as it is hard for me to give up my growing connection with reality.  Not the mundane reality of everyday unconsciousness, sleep walking, but the reality that is evolving in front of (and behind) my very eyes. I hope that Flora eventually is willing to join me full time, awake, in the world as it flows from source.  Thanks, Theholodoc

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