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Physical Effects Of Wonderlands?

Guest Tigerhallam

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I get some sensory crossover between wonderland and physical bodies, but haven't had physical muscle fatigue from it. I wonder if you're tensing muscles as you climb in the wonderland, which could result in some *real* fatigue. Otherwise you feel it because you expect it.

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My guess is that the wonderland can be so vivid and/or immersive that your brain begins to think that your body in the wonderland is your own.


If you've ever heard of the "rubber hand illusion" (I'll post a link below) it is essentially the same thing. It shows that your sense of "self" can be over-ridden. Perhaps that is what is occurring.


If you've ever done a repetitive action, such as jumping on a trampoline, jogging, or even playing chess for a long time, you may continue to feel the sensation afterwards, because your brain pre-supposes the information.


What I think is occurring is that both of these are happening at the same time, and that is the sensation you are feeling.


The illusion:

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