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Gender of Maker vs Gender of Tulpa

Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender  

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  1. 1. Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender

    • Male, Male
    • Male, Female
    • Male, Nonsex
    • Female, Male
    • Female, Female
    • Female, Nonsex
    • Nonsex, Male
    • Nonsex, Female
    • Nonsex, Nonsex

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I chose the non-sex option even though I'm really genderfluid, but my partner is male. x3

Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)

Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire

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I am male with a male tulpa! I've got to say, the majority of males with female tulpas is.....not suprising haha.

Unfathomable. You know, without fathom.

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I know that this is not something that arises on its own, but is rather a conscious choice by the maker. It is still "research" and related to tulpas though, so I will post it here.




Is it true that it arises on its own? Because even if the host thinks they made a conscious decision, it could have been unconsciously made for them, but they assume they chose... A BBC documentary on "human consciousness" available on youtube, shot the host of the documentary exploring the most update information on consciousness. The host was placed in an fMRI and they recorded information as he consciously made a series of decisions based on options. They have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt, the person making a decision makes their choice a solid second or two before they are consciously away that they made their choice. The pattern is so clear, that the person running the fMRI can tell the person what they are going to choose before the person knows what they will choose, which most people, including this host, walk away from the experiment fairly disturbed.


And since we are not just psychological construct, sociologist would say there are also social facts driving choices, and so culture itself could affect the choices we make...


that doesn't mean the choice doesn't come down to personal choices, but then, I've been reading about sometimes the tulpa have decided their gender...


Hope that didn't muddy the waters too much. just thinking.

I'm male, Bliss is female.

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What if you have multiple tulpas?


I'm female, identify as basically agender or genderfluid, and the gender makeup of my tulpas tends towards male.


I could've chosen 'nosex, male' but I put female anyway . . .


Let's discard the cynical 'guys are making up dreamgirls for romantic/sexual reasons' for a moment. More male-bodied people desire sex change than the opposite way around. I postulate that is so, and males also create female tulpas, because a male embracing femininity is frowned upon more than the other way around. Therefore, for femininity to be acceptable, they must either identify as female, or create a female within themselves. (so yes, the 'anima' concept applies here, too)

Woodwindwhistler on www.asexuality.org


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Therefor, for femininity to be acceptable, they must either identify as female, or create a female within themselves. (so yes, the 'anima' concept applies here, too)


Calling the Groovy-Guru. Mistgod sometimes describes Melian as his “inner girl”.

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female/female/female here. Although I identify as Genderqueer, I prefer female pronouns so like to say I'm female for convenience.

Been together since childhood. We're a team!

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