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Overclock Forcing Method

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Hello all, you might've seen us on 4chan or on the irc #Tulpa-forum. This is my first time posting on Tulpa.info. I wasn't going to post this here, but after a few people told me that it helped them I've decided to upload it here. Enjoy.


You're gonna have to forgive me for any spelling or mistakes in grammar. I'm tired as hell and forcing doesn't help.I am NOT an advanced Tulpamancer, I am still early on my first tulpa but It's working so well I've decided to try and help others.




Quick Disclaimer: I've been trying this for the past few days. You will notice headaches (Go Figure) and possibly some light headedness. You will need to at least know about the wonderland to use this method.





Now I bet you're skeptical, that's fine. Let me start by saying that the motivation for this method was when my Tulpa Autumn


started to get distressed when she couldn't touch anything in the physical world. So, being the headstrong person I am i immediatly thought "I can help her do the impossible". Well, since the Tulpapocalypse didn't happen and she doesn't have a physical form We decided to try the next best thing. Wonderlands, She can interact with things in the wonderland so I decided that I'd make the whole world one large wonderland (pretty ambitious hunh?). It's simple enough at first, all you need to do is open eyed visualization, narration, some imposition, and maybe some black magic.




So, let's start with something simple: The room you're in now, copy everything into your wonderland. It can take a while, that's fine. Just make sure that at anytime you could walk over to an item in your wonderland and fell it, smell it, see it, everything. Once you have that done, get your Tulpa into that wonderland. Stay in there for a while, but try to use open eyed visualization. When you have that done (It will take a while, see above), go into another room and do the same. Map out your whole house, everything you can touch, smell, all the senses play with your Tulpa in your wonderland and your real world at the same time. Yes, that's right, THE SAME TIME. Ideally you want as little "Lag" as possible, you pick up a can of Coke, it moves in the wonderland. Your Tulpa should be able to interact with things in the wonderland while you go about your day and they will be happy that thay can move things that they normally wouldn't be able to.




At this point you should be pretty good at creating wonderlands pretty quickly. Now, Do it in real time as you walk around. Make a wonderland as you walk down the sidewalk, as you're in your car, as you go to the dry cleaners, everywhere! I know what you're thinking: "You want me to make a wonderland room instantly, everywhere I go and be in two 'worlds' as I go about the day?" Short answer: "Yes." This is pretty taxing on your brain. it's like hooking up a seperate Monitor to your computer and running the same game on both of them simultaniously. Eventually, this will seem at least do-able to some extent. What we're hoping to achieve is both you and your Tulpa(e) existing side by side. This is kind of imposition, kind of passive forcing, really awesome. I'm not kidding, After a while of doing this Autumn has become much more vocal and open, as well as being able to fufill her dream of touching anything I see.



This is NOT a substitute for good old Active Forcing. I do this all day, then put in a good 30min-hour before bed.



I've been writing for a while, and I'm tired as shit. So I'm gonna stop writing now. Next time I might fix the grammar, or the spelling. Hell, i might even tell the cursed "Hot Dog" story. All in all, I really hope this can help you get more connected with your Tulpa. To those of you who read to the end for some reason, I have one last thing to say: "Pony Tulpa is best Tulpa, Tulpa Pony is best Pony"




If you want to talk or just call me names come over to the Rizon chat channel #Tulpa-forum or find me in the Tulpa General threads on /mlp/ under the trip code !!mgPN2/8Vq4n

>Why are you looking at the bottom of my post? I said what I wanted to up top!

>"Aren't you the passive forcing master?" -Anon on 4chan

>My trip is !KalashkXLs

>You can find us on the irc #Tulpa-Forum

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I do this for fun when I walk, only I replace my boring surroundings with bright, green gardens and trees, all houses are made of wood, and all the cars are carriages. The people I see are horses. Okay, the last one was a joke, but hey, imagination is fun.



Nice dubs.


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holy shit, doing this sounds trippy.

Like...LITERALLY. I mean, you're visualizing the wonderland overlayed onto the real world right?


That's what we're aiming for. We've been able to do it for a little over a week and It really is a new experience. It also seems to work for the two of us, and many others around the net.




[seems quite intense to me! And "Overclock Forcing" sounds just right. :D


I'm pretty sure this can be a good method ... My Tulpa seems already capable of feeling materials in the real world (she loves the shower!), but I think I'm gonna try this in a smaller scale, just to let her play with more complex things (R/C cars maybe?).]


That sounds great! I wish you the best of luck, Autumn has never been into cars much, but We have been trying other "Toys".

>Why are you looking at the bottom of my post? I said what I wanted to up top!

>"Aren't you the passive forcing master?" -Anon on 4chan

>My trip is !KalashkXLs

>You can find us on the irc #Tulpa-Forum

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Mind = Blown


Just tried this and it is just wacky. It works but it messes with my head. I love it.

Name - Silver

Form - Harpy

Sentience - fully sentient

Personality - Playful, cheerful, enthusiastic, chilled

Smell - Baileys

Stage - Narration and imposition

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I've only been at this for over an hour and I have to say: it's really difficult. I can't wait to see what kind of results I'll get in the long run. I'll post more later once I can get on my computer.

My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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Like which?


By toys I mean assortments of guns. We like to take them apart and put them back together.


Mind = Blown


Just tried this and it is just wacky. It works but it messes with my head. I love it.


That's great! Make sure to come to us if you have any questions.

>Why are you looking at the bottom of my post? I said what I wanted to up top!

>"Aren't you the passive forcing master?" -Anon on 4chan

>My trip is !KalashkXLs

>You can find us on the irc #Tulpa-Forum

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      I posted here before about a certain issue I'm going through with my Tulpa, but I still need some guidance. I made my Tulpa to be passionate, caring and really loving, everything was fine and she literally made my life alot better. But after some time I started having issues with anxiety and pure o OCD intrusive thoughts due to deciding to quit my long time pornography consumption, I started having intrusive sexual thoughts and images about my Tulpa, and it felt like there was a second version of her which was kind of evil, I was afraid that i will accidently create different intrusive thoughtforms which be involved with my Tulpa in sexual acts. Sometimes I can feel my Tulpas original caring presence but after some time I go down the spiral again. I was in an abusive relationship before where I was being afraid of being cheated on and was made to feel jealous on purpose. I don't want all the things I went through to latch to my Tulpa. I stopped forcing for some time now, I feel safer, but I don't want to abandon her. I'm just wondering if it's my life "traumas" and OCD or my Tulpa just hates me.
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      ‘Hour counts’ refers to the practise of tracking the number of hours spent forcing. It was a common practise in the past because the oldest guides instructed the reader to use them. However, they have gotten a bad name over the years from people perpetuating the idea that they are detrimental to the tulpa creation process. These fears are not entirely unfounded, because with the wrong mindset they can be very detrimental. However, with the correct approach they can be a beneficial tool that gives you schedule and structure, especially if you struggle with laziness. The purpose of this guide is to alleviate those fears by clearing up the confusion about hour counts and giving you a list of dos and don’ts to consider while using them.


      Dos and Don’ts of Using Hour Counts

      DO use hour counts as a scheduling tool rather than as a progress tracker. – If you are someone who struggles with laziness, scheduling your forcing sessions in advance may increase your productivity by keeping you on track. Hour counts are an effective way to do this, e.g. “I’m going to spend 15 hours on vocality forcing, 1 hour per day Mon – Fri over 3 weeks.”
      DO remember that your targets are flexible. – You can change your target number of hours at any time, whether you are increasing or decreasing your targets and/or the time period spent on them. It’s important to not use this as an excuse for laziness though, try your best to only adjust your schedule if you have legitimate reasons to do so e.g. change of shift pattern at work, unavoidable social engagements like weddings or funerals etc. If you can’t meet your targets all the time, that's no reason to worry! Maybe the targets you’ve set for yourself were too unrealistic, if so, reduce them. You shouldn’t feel guilty and beat yourself up if you fail to hit your targets all the time. Hitting your targets is desirable but not mandatory.
      DO remember that your targets are arbitrary. – Unless you’re using one of the old guides’ recommended targets (which I wouldn’t recommend, you’ll see why later), your targets will be based on personal choice and therefore will have no bearing on the progress you make during the time spent. Even if you are using one of the old guides, those targets will have no effect on your progress either because it’s the process itself, not an arbitrary number, that matters. It’s also worth mentioning that progress isn’t necessarily linear, so there may or may not be much difference between two arbitrary targets. It doesn't matter exactly how many hours you spend forcing, just as long as you are doing it consistently and to the best of your ability.
      DON’T take the hour counts from old guides as gospel. – Most of the authors of the old guides even said that you shouldn’t follow their guides exactly, referring to them as guidelines as opposed to rules. I would even go as far as to say to disregard any recommended hour counts from any guide entirely because it may only cause anxiety for the reasons listed below. Another thing to consider about the old guides is that not just the hour counts, but some of the other information found in them may or may not be considered obsolete now, so take them with a pinch of salt if you decide to read them.
      DON’T worry if you don’t see results after a certain number of hours. – This can cause discouragement. Not seeing results after a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it could encourage you to analyse what you’re doing and try something else that works better for you. You shouldn’t be discouraged by not seeing results after a certain number of hours because your targets are arbitrary anyway.
      DON’T worry if you do see results before a certain number of hours. – This can cause doubts that you’re doing it right and can even cause parrotnoia (the fear that you're parroting all of your tulpa's responses) if your tulpa becomes vocal before you anticipate. A tulpa isn’t going to wait for you to achieve your arbitrary hour target before they speak to you because progress is determined by effort, not by arbitrary numbers.
      DON’T compare your progress to others. – This is the main reason why people have had bad experiences with hour counts. People progress at different rates. When someone who's put in more hours finds that someone who has put in less hours has progressed further, they may become discouraged or think that they are doing something wrong. Conversely, when someone who's put in less hours finds that someone who has put in more hours has had less progress, they could develop doubts of their tulpa’s sentience/sapience or could develop parrotnoia.
      DON’T think that you need to do a certain number of hours minimum per session. – This can easily cause fatigue, which could make your forcing sessions less effective. For me, 30 – 60 minute forcing sessions were optimal, however everyone is different in this regard and many people can force for longer periods with ease. Consistency is key in tulpamancy, doing a forcing session for 30 minutes every day for a week is better than doing a forcing session that lasts for 3.5 hours only 1 day a week.
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      This is daily thread #6.
      For this discussion, forcing will be defined as "interacting with or dedicating thought to a tulpa for the purpose of helping them to grow/develop as a thoughtform." I know the definition of forcing can change based on the context, but this is the definition I'm using for this thread.
      If a tulpa is inactive or dormant, how effective would a forcing session be? Does a tulpa need to be active/aware in order to benefit from forcing? Would they benefit less if they are inactive? Is it even possible to be inactive/dormant while being interacted with?
      (This is ignoring the question of whether or not it's very nice/good for a host to be forcing a tulpa while the tulpa is inactive, just if the forcing has less/no benefit to the tulpa or not.)

      I kind of think that once you start interacting with a tulpa, it's very hard for them to not become at least passive. They might ignore you and refuse to respond, but they'll probably still be aware of what's going on. In that scenario, forcing would likely have the same benefit as usual, they just might be a little upset with you for not leaving them alone, but as I said, I'm ignoring that side of the equation for now. If the tulpa does stay inactive/dormant during forcing, I'd say the forcing still does benefit them, but probably to a lesser extent. Think practicing playing a song on your instrument in your head vs. actually playing it in real life: they both can benefit you and strengthen the neural pathways associated with said instrument, but one has a clear higher benefit than the other. Or, it might still be exactly the same. I suppose it's kind of hard to test.
      (All daily threads are listed here.)
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      Quotidian publication numeral XIV
      What are some little things you found/find helpful with forcing? Could be stuff that helped you focus better, stuff that helped you develop your tulpa, things that alleviated doubts/frustration, things like that. An example would be our host listening to white noise to help him focus and get into the forcing "zone."
      (Each of the quotidian publications are catalogued in this location.)
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