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Overclock Forcing Method

Emrys and Autumn

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This sounds like a pretty solid guide, and I certainly like the idea in replicating the real world in the wonderland. Good explanations of each step, and people are reporting that it does indeed work for them.


I approve of this.



Edit: OP, please go through this guide again and fix all of your grammatical errors.

My guide on tulpa creation


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At a glance, it’s just another way of people doing militant forcing, as if that’s any different from whatever the general populace would consider “active” forcing. Obviously since this merely a concept despite of the simple method you’ve provided, I’m not sure if it’s just unintelligible equivocation on your end with trying to settle a distinction between “overclock forcing” vs. “good old active forcing.”


It’s essentially suggesting to the reader that they should get into the habit of incorporating as many senses into the method as possible. So it’s really more of a regular method rather implying that it’s something more “aggressive” than active forcing. How everyone defines what’s “overclocking” or pushing mental boundaries is subjective. Some may cringe at the sound of forcing for 15 minutes while there can be people who can force for 3 hours like nobody’s business.


You're gonna have to forgive me for any spelling or mistakes in grammar. I'm tired as hell and forcing doesn't help. I am NOT an advanced Tulpamancer, I am still early on my first tulpa but it’s working so well I've decided to try and help others.


I guess for the time of this post, you were insecure on whether or not you had authority to make a guide submission. But I’m presuming that if you still practiced developing your tulpa’s existence more, this part doesn’t need to be included in here. If anything, it probably should’ve been added in the quick disclaimer you set up.

Now I bet you're skeptical, that's fine……….. Tulpa Autumn ………started to get distressed when she couldn't touch………, all you need to do is open eyed visualization, narration, some imposition, and maybe some black magic.


Everything here should either be eliminated, or at least formatted into a section for a “Foreword” or even an “Introduction” section before the disclaimer.


This is NOT a substitute for good old Active Forcing. I do this all day, then put in a good 30min-hour before bed.


Actually, it’s not even something to be considered only as a supplement or to substitute something entirely. It has a method in itself, and it can seriously be more than enough for anyone that wants to train visualization and other sensory applications towards imposition and other tulpa-related activities.


I've been writing for a while, and I'm tired as shit. So I'm gonna stop writing now. Next time I might fix the grammar, or the spelling. Hell, i might even tell the cursed "Hot Dog" story. All in all, I really hope this can help you get more connected with your Tulpa. To those of you who read to the end for some reason, I have one last thing to say: "Pony Tulpa is best Tulpa, Tulpa Pony is best Pony"


This isn’t really needed, you don’t need to constantly reinforce that you had grammar/spelling mistakes. There’s a huge difference between grammar mistakes vs. spelling mistakes. The only “grammar” mistake I think you have here is the unintelligible equivocation between “overclocking” and “active forcing,” and that’s not really something that would be a detrimental “grammar” mistake.


Other than the lowercase “I" you had in a few areas, there’s not really any serious spelling mistakes that would make this guide submission absolutely incoherent. As for the format of the guide in general, maybe some breaks between sentences, especially for the process/method you’ve provided can help with providing an easier read for people.


Because the reader will most likely be looking for anything that screams “1. Do this 2. Do that 3. Then Do this” format.


And since there was a GAT complaint thread on how GAT members shouldn’t approve of things unless there’s modifications made, this guide gets a disapproval on my end until changes are made. But absolving from the logic from the complaint thread made, this would technically be an approval in standby.

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The formatting is pretty butts, that could honestly be the first thing to be changed here so it's easier to read. Also not sure what the overclock part here is but hey...


The idea seems similar to what I have experienced during imposition. Instead of any kind of synched wonderland and real world, I try to impose the tupper and as the tulpa does something with a physical real life object, of course it doesn't really move... But I see its "wonderland" copy move, having the object in both places at the same time so to speak, one seen by my real eyes and the other by my mind's eye.


So, I have no idea what this "method" is actually about. It seems like this weird step of imposition others than me have also experienced, but also visualization and such. It could be a guide yeah, but I'm going to have to disapprove it until it's cleaned up. Linkzelda brought up some good points up there too.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Guest Anonymous

"You will notice headaches (Go Figure) and possibly some light headedness. "

Please replace 'will notice headaches' with possibly, as you did in reference to experiencing 'light headedness'. No reason to `frontload` people into having headaches.



"The room you're in now, copy everything into your wonderland. It can take a while, that's fine. Just make sure that at anytime you could walk over to an item in your wonderland and fell it, smell it, see it, everything."

This above section is fine, however the following "(It will take a while, see above)" is more frontloading that has a higher probability of leading to unnecessary hassles for people.



""Yes." This is pretty taxing on your brain. it's like hooking up a seperate Monitor to your computer and running the same game on both of them simultaniously. Eventually, this will seem at least do-able to some extent. "


A second monitor isn't really that taxing. With a powerful enough computer (the brains of many to the people here that spend countless hours visualizing) this is very possibly not taxing. No more taxing than your tupper imagining seeing things from its own point of view based off what you have perceived. Or daydreaming while keeping awareness of your surroundings. This front loading can lead to a difficulty hike in anyone using this guide. That whole front loading section could well be removed.


Disapproved for now, a good guide otherwise.

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I'm not going to question the utility of this guide, although it would be nice if it were a little clearer what it is for exactly - except imposition, he made it clear that it wasn't that. But it seems as though the OP never followed through on his promise to fix his grammar, which is unfortunate because it's pretty bad. He's also not here and hasn't been for nine months now so it seems as though the disapproval I'll give will be permanent.

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Pretty solid method. It's been used a lot by myself as well. I remember when this was first posted on 4chan a while back and I was doing this even before then.


Approved for guides.

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


-Neville Goddard

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Approval pending editing/formatting fixes, but until then disapproved. However, since the guide author doesn't seem to be visiting this forum much (last visit is from 03-21-2013), I would suggest a mod saves the original version of the guide and edits it (is this fair?) and we can approve the edited version.


The guide itself is useful and resembles endoalir's guide ( http://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpa-imposition-guide ).

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