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Creating stories


¿Creating a story where you and you tulpa participate, good or bad?  

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  1. 1. ¿Creating a story where you and you tulpa participate, good or bad?

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Would creating a story where you and your tulpa share together be a good idea?


Like making a story up with two people, you ask, or feel what your tulpa would do in this story, it similar to a rp, but in this case you'd invoke your tulpas imagination aswell.


I think that a deep plot with an elaborated world with rules and all, would help you learn about your tulpa and at the same time you'd be sharing with him/her.

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Sounds good to me as long as you don't give the Tulpa a big backstory of the past. Playing like that sounds fun and easy to do.

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Like playing make-believe with your tulpa? That sounds like something fun that would help with development.

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I actually did this with one of my tulpae, Jade. She really loved it when i did that, it doesnt seem like a backstory since you did it with your tulpa

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Me "These are not the droids we are looking for.."

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There's nothing wrong with that for fun, or just to spend time with your tulpa, but I wouldn't substitute it for proper forcing if you were doing personality, or pre-sentience (I don't know where you are here). If you are going to create a more complex fantasy, then be warned that it's much easier to get sucked in if you're a tulpa. That aside, there's no reason to think it woul be harmful.

Also, I can't help but think that your poll doesn't make any sense.

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We did this. It was fun.

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