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GAT-related commentary:


The guide has "badges" in the text, which are against the current rules on the forum.

The idea presented in the guide isn't entirely new, although I'm not sure how often others have presented it. I've seen people post some imposition-only guides Fede made in PNG format, possibly around a year ago, on imageboards which featured very similar advice, except more condensed (interact with eyes closed, open eyes while letting your expectations guide your perception, even to the point of "flash" imposition). The idea was also applied by other people in other forms, such as talking through a door and then opening the door, or expecting the tulpa to be behind you and then turning (with eyes open or closed) and so on. It's an useful tip that has been around for a while. However, while it may be an useful kick-starting tip, I'm unsure if anyone actually used this exclusively for doing imposition. More user reports/experiences of using this method may be nice before "approving" the guide (as in, moving it to the Guides subforum).


EDIT: Linkzelda found that PNG guide, here's a link to it: http://i.imgur.com/XKPC4.png Seems to involve a lot more rapid changes of environment than your method.

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I admit that Xeare is definitely someone that gets underrated for explaining processes and such. I would approve of this guide submission, but with the “badging” thing being against the rules of the forum, maybe a simple edit in doing something like


Tulpa’s name: Hey this is a test


Can be done instead since it complies with the rules (if I remember correctly). Other than that, blank vote unless more discussion can be done on whether or not this can work for others. I can see the underlying concepts working indefinitely with basic practice, but I’ll just leave it at that for the time being.

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I'm not actually sure if those are badges or just weird formatting for the sake of it but if they are badges, against the ruuru and such so you should change them a bit for a neater guide.


What I'm wondering though is the time you mention. Some people have trouble with an hour - especially early on - so maybe you would want to think more about that? Can we do less than an hour? Is it alright if we do? I think writing about that might reassure some of the newcomers who would find your guide very useful.


Well speaking of that, this is written in a nice guide-ly way, but perhaps the overall message is really a tip deep down? I'm not entirely sure where I would put this and tagging it also seems a bit difficult. I'm definitely leaning towards approval of some sort, but I guess I would like Xeare to take a look at what I said before I approve or disapprove. And hearing where the rest of the team thinks this should go would help me a lot, too.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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If it was symbolism with instruction, it could be easily categorized for Tips & Tricks, but knowing Xeare in the past, I guess you could say he is/was on a crusade for finding a process that can be universal for any mode of symbolism. Seeing how symbolism, self-fulfilling prophecies, and all that may contribute to some breakthroughs in this, some may backfire due to the logic and consequence behind them, so finding the underlying concepts is always useful in my opinion.


I guess the point of this guide is to augment cognition for spatial thinking, and going through psychosomatic experiences with visual, and probably even kinesthetic sensory application. It is for the purpose for getting a "feel" of one's tulpa I guess, so all sensory applications would be fair game either way. And like Sands stated, the badge thing is against the rules, but you can always use the format of Name: "Text" if you want to get their opinions in there.



I approve of this for guides, seeing how it can open up a lot of room for subjectivity without forcing people to use one mode of symbolism that may not always be given in clear instruction.

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Guest Anonymous

Looks ok for now, I'm interested to see what modifications would be made after Sands and the author have conversed before I vote.


Only problems I have with this guide are these.

"[Get cozy if you want X3] "Do we really need emoticons here? This guide would look better without it.


"Don't hate me if you already know this stuff :C " Irrelevant to the guide itself. If people choose to hate you, that is their problem, not yours. Please take it out.

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