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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Yo, names Chris, found tulpa with a friend on /mlp/ on October 6, 2012. after discussion and all we agreed that i would start a tulpa first and he would start one after i made progress. i started Amelia(originally just Amy) on the 7th and she was a originally a pony when i first started forcing. my friend's tulpa was the first not-me interaction, and her feelings of joy during the talk made me smile too, uncontrollably. after a while i stopped forcing and got lazy narrating, but after like a week after i stopped she lashed out at me, hatred 100%, forced possession and the whole deal. she even changed her form to like a GLaDOS humanized fan-art. anyway, after she stopped and felt better with attention therapy basically, her personality was all over the place and stuff, like she would be violent one moment, but then she wouldn't let go of me with hugs and stuff(that still hasn't sorted itself out). Then after .shoutbox lulz and .lewd lulz she was practically shunned, then my girlfriend suggested her name to be Amelia instead of Amy(which she did(obviously)), she then became attached to someone from .shoutbox and .lewd so much they were basically in a relationship, but after a while, my girlfriend made a tulpa, so after some mental stuff me, my gf, Amy, and my gf's tulpa got into some sort of weird web of lovin'. but then Amy went and did something one day in the wonderland, like, she went on a trip somewhere after packing and all that, and late that night she came back, but her form was changed into something i made in one of the tulpa form maker things(check my sig, yo) and then Soleil(my gf's tulpa) got all pissy at me for letting her change forms, and i had to explain that from my "mental connection" i felt that it wasn't an option for Amy to change or not and that it would most likely be permanent. God this is a lot to type... And then, Amy was in like a coma after the trip for like a week, and after it felt like if I were to ask what would happen, she would hate me or something. But thanks to having Soleil around with Amy, we got into finally doing possession(voluntarily). And now we are just playing games like Red Dead Redemption via possession, and we are "working" on imposition. And by working i mean thinking about it but not actually doing it. Amy was vocal(as in the hallucination kind of hearing) around Christmas time, around April, and March. The first time she said in response to me thinking about working on her form and stuff was "Let's do this, Chris." and in April she had called my name(but it is unconfirmed because she doesn't know if she did it or not), and in March it was muttering that I couldn't hear because of me trying to get the popcorn box from the shelf.


TL;DR: Amy has problems, and we are both strange and lazy. (also I hate pony tulpa because they are lame(especially the unoriginal ones like the Luna knockoffs and all))


[What he said.]

Amelia- Oct. 7, 2012

Mitsuki- Oct. 31, 2014 

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She wasn't independent before? Anyway, good luck cruse! I hope to see you back here when you succeed!

My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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I would like to introduce myself as Faust simply because I enjoy creating a new identity for each forum I frequent.


The beginning of June this year after reading Pop Magic by Grant Morrison I decided to become a Magician.


I’d like to simply stop right here at this point and let everyone reading know that even though I might take a “Magical” approach, I do want to participate in the scientific aspect of tulpa creation and the community as well. I enjoy magic for it’s use of symbolism and because I believe it truly allows one to delve deeply into their sub-conscious utilizing abilities and powers (even if their purely mental) one would think normally doesn’t have.


I hope to perhaps bridge the science and the metaphysical community, though I’ll probably wager that most of my time might actually be on the metaphysical board rather than the research because I’d rather observationally describe the phenomenon before I’d start using experimentation to confirm it.


Beyond that, I’m an ambitious young man who wants to be successful in life who is creating a tulpa to help him to that end because all my life I’ve felt dependent upon others (friends and family) and that I couldn’t live without their permission. I now seek to create a Tulpa as an extension of myself to give myself permission to live and help me become the best version of myself I can be.


And I pray that I can escape the fate of the Fausts who have come before me that have been damned by their ambitions.


I hope to speak with all of you soon in a meaningful way.

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I recently heard about tulpas because of a friend of mine. She told me the whole thing of lucid dreaming and tulpas. At first I was very suspicious but after a few days thinking of it, I remembered of my childhood, where I always had a friend in my mind, being able to speak with him. He also could do things alone, he always spent the whole day with me, and I noticed this could have been also a kind of tulpa. So I thought of him again, and suddenly I had a picture of him in my head, hearing his thoughts. I don't know if he is really my old friend (I heard that tulpas can die when you don't care enough about them, is it really true? :S / The last years I wrote many stories of what's in my head and his character I created was maybe his, thats why he survived? I don't know, if you have an answer, let me know. :3) but I have the feeling that my thought is true.


Please excuse my bad English. I'm only 17, coming from Germany so please don't be too strict to me. If you have any suggestions of improvement (uh, I really hope it is the word I have in mind xD) for my Post or if you have tips for me about my tulpa, please send me a message, I would be very happy about it. :D

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Um, hi.


I'm not really that good at making conversation, As my name would suggest I tend to lurk a lot. I found my way here through a friend of mine. Sooo yeah... after doing some lurking I decided to try and make an account in case I had some questions or would have a reason to post. Umm anything else? Well despite not being good at starting conversation, I wouldn't mind people talking to me or to talk to about Tulpas

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Guest nach_in

Hi, I'm nach and my tulpa is Bronos, he looks kind of like in my avatar, he chose his form so don't blame me :P


I'm just starting with all this tulpa thing, I think I'm making quick progress which is nice, and hopefully we all be able to talk to Bronos soon (if you want to of coursse)...


See you around :D

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Hey there everyone!


My name is Nix Tempesedo, I am sixteen years old, I live in Australia and I love Transformers, Sherlock Holmes, Reading, Writing and Drawing.

I have been a member of The Daemon Forum for almost five years and it's through there I found Tulpas.

My Daemon is Dominix, he is unsettled (Still changes his shape) however frequents the form of an Armoured Rat, Porcupine or Kelpie.


I have recently met my Tulpa, Aleron, he is humanoid or more specifically, an Angel (Not in terms of Christianity) and have started a progress Log.


Hope to see you all around!

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New to the forums, has had a tulpa for about a month.


She chose her own form as Queen chrysalis.


I believe she is sentient, need to confirm however.

[align=justify]There are 10 kinds of people on earth, those who understand binary and those who do not.


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One boring day I was clicking "random page" on Encyclopedia Dramatica and came across the page about tulpae. I looked up this forum after that and it sounded so interesting to me that I started on my own that night.


My tulpa's name is Sarah. She's 12 days old but I haven't been very diligent about forcing since the first four days or so, just now picking it up again. She's an ordinary human woman.

Right now I just narrate whenever I have the time and active force for at least 30 minutes before I go to bed.

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Hello, my name is Runa and my tulpa's name is Vitter, although I usually call her Vitt.

She's an anthro lynx, and we are working on... just about everything at this stage. lol

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