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what's the deal with switching?


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I'm new to the forums (But I've been with the "Tulpa" community since the FAQ_man guides and the /mlp/ Tulpa threads)


I'm doing a Tulpa called Nadia and I'm in the visualization phase.


Anyway that is not the topic of this thread.


I've been doing research about a phenomenon that you call "switching"


As far as I know it allows your Tulpa and you to "change places" so you can experience the world as your Tulpa does and your Tulpa takes total control of your body.


I've heard things like while you are in the wonderland and your Tulpa is in your body you can experience the things in your wonderland with extreme realism (for example,if your wonderland is a farm you can see the buildings there and hear the animals etc)

and other things.


I don't plan to do it with my Tulpa for at least another year,but I'm interested in switching as a topic regarding tulpae.


The whole switching topic seems almost too awesome to be true...I mean is literally giving control of your entire body to your Tulpa and going to your wonderland...it's mind-blowing.


For the people here who have experience with switching.


How is it?


Its as awesome (and difficult) as everyone says?


How real is the wonderland while in the "Tulpa" mode?


Can it be dangerous?

Don't be fooled by my avatar! Twilight is best pone,but my Tulpa is human.


Age:17 (I think)

Form:Young Girl,Black hair,tall.

Still in visualization process.



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Switching: Shifting your awareness elsewhere to have imaginary senses while your tulpa takes dominion over your body.


Possession: Still having some awareness of your body while your tulpa controls a part or several parts of your body.


There's a lot of gray area for those two terms.


As for personal experiences, I only did it a few times, but the best way I can conceptualize it is:


- It's almost like being an over watcher of some sort, especially if you get used to seeing things in bird's eye view while seeing your tulpa moving about. It's a weird feeling to describe, and it's mostly due to previous experiences with similar spectator perspectives in non-lucid and lucid dreams. It's a nice feeling when you start making the breakthrough, but I just prefer keeping it at a minimum until I get other aspects down.

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Never switched, full body possession once, briefly at night, she couldn't really get up but I wasn't in dominant control for a bit (cuz she kept refusing to give up trying to get up until like an hour later i just got bored and took my body back ^^; ). Though from that experience alone I can say it's a reeeallllyyy weird feeling. You just kinda sit there and watch your tulpa (try to) move your body like an outsider. I can't imagine how awesome switching would be :D




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Alcotriss: I used to be able to switch many years back late at night, although I didn't really know about tulpas or anything like that until recently. Looking back on it, I thought it was lucid dreaming at first, but that didn't really explain why I would wake up jumping on the bed for absolutely no reason. And then my mom would tell me to stop...


Fintan: ...after a while, I kind of realized that that was a bad idea. XD


Alcotriss: For me, it felt like dreaming and daydreaming at the same time. It felt real to the extent that a dream can feel real, but it was more coherent, and I also had creative control. Overall, it was a lot of fun, but it was also very hard to do. It required a lot of concentration, a lot of faith, a lot of time, and a lot of ideas to keep my mind occupied.


Fintan: As for whether or not switching is dangerous... obviously you shouldn't do it while operating heavy machinery! But really, if your tulpa has even a small dosage of sanity, they won't try doing anything too dangerous; I mean it's their body too, after all. You should have a pretty good idea of what your tulpa would want to do while possessing you. Other than that, just use common sense? Anyways, that's the deal with switching. Here you go.

Myself: Fintan, male, humanoid dragon. Howdydoo! (:

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