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A Few Questions on Switching


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Just a quickie, bby:


What are some of the dangers of switching? I know aboot accidentally walking into the middle of the street, tripping, falling, lack of coordination... Blah blah. But, what about basic human functions like breathing? Can they forget how to breathe/talk while in the host's body? Also, I have a slight disassociation problem ( Getting butter though ), and would like to know how odd or strange it feels to be out of your body and someone else taking it over. If it's too other-worldly for me, shit may or may not hit the fan.



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By the time you have switching down you and your tulpa would both have enough practice with general possession that I doubt the running into streets thing will even be a serious concern? At least in our case everyone who has switched maintains relatively the same level of coordination, and spacial awareness.


Jaden struggles to speak above a certain volume when not fully switched as I tend to hang on to vocal controls unconsciously. When fully switched breathing is natural for him. Same for Giselle.


As far as your dissociation, that is an issue I have less information on. I can maintain various levels of connection to the body, ranging from feeling the same but having the tulpa complete tasks(general possession), feeling numb to the body and moreso existing in thought alone while watching, all the way to mentally only being aware of wonderland while fully switched. For one with issues with dissociation I don't know what to expect. It could give you practice in grounding yourself while in that state, it could allow your tulpa to help you when you are feeling too dissociated during something important, it could help you ground yourself in a more concrete wonderland as opposed to feeling dissociated from everything...then again it could be that the dissociation problems cause difficulty or panic during switching. I would procede with caution and be aware of your own feelings if you choose to experiment with switching.


But again as far as your questions as to physical risks with the body, I would suggest maintaining awareness of your tulpa's ability to access the body's senses as early possession is practiced. I have heard of some tulpas having less connection to the form leading to the potential for injury if the tulpa is not careful, but it does not appear to be the case for each tulpa. If your tulpa is a clutz in your form, don't switch in a dangerous location, basically.



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