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Show us your wonderland


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Simple thread, show us your wonderland!

Take a picture of it if you use a real place as your wonderland or if you imagine a whole new place, draw it or find a picture/drawing that looks something like it.


Will post drawing tomorrow of how my wonderland looks where I've started to work on my tulpa.


(WARNING: I can't draw for shit and I drew it in 1 hour)


/Quick edit.

>Would also love to hear how it happened that you chose that wonderland or how it derived from a whole different thought you had about how your wonderland would be.

>I didn't choose my wonderland, I tried to, but it abruptly changed the whole setting/scenario and atmosphere one day and I couldn't change it back.

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Ooh, this looks nice, even though we already had a similar thread, titled ITT We draw our wonderlands. I suppose I should get working on a drawing of mine.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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We had a thread like this.


The similar threads plugin doesn't work, as I've pointed out a few times now. Dunno what Pleeb can do about it, though.

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Nate here,




I only ever imagined the inside as a white round dome room. One day there was a door and we stepped outside. This is pretty much it, minus the building in the background. It's stayed 100% stable and has shown to regenerate if part is destroyed, which is pretty neat.



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cant draw, but i will describe it thuroughly.


its a tropical island where time of day is consistant with reality. the island is about a mile across and almost a perfect circle. in the middle theres a dense forest which is impossibly bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. our hut and the village of mannequins is on the southern beach. the east beach has incredible dunes as big as mountains. west beach is a prime surfing location where the waves are always perfect and there are no rocks or reefs. the north beach is full of life from exotic fish to multicolor reefs but its also got sharks. in the center of the forest is a red orb that when touched transports us to a mirrored version of the island where the colors are different and the moon and sun move backwards in the sky. the hut in this realm is burned down. the waters are always rough and choppy. there are different qualities about the realm. strange creatures and monaters from my subconscious started to appear in the forest there.


thats the wonderland we live in

My ramblings and that


Host: Rob

Tulpa: Kaylee

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