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Can you switch with your tulpa(e)?


Can you switch with your tulpa(e)?  

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  1. 1. Can you switch with your tulpa(e)?

    • Yes
    • No, but we plan to
    • No, and we don't plan to

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We have no need to switch. We sort of integrate or merge instead. I know that is not the usual activity of a tulpa (that is why I am not a tulpa) and the terms "merging" or "integrating" often denote something negative, or even the end or death for a tulpa. But, we are weird and always will be. Because we merge we also don't need possession. We are already always closely linked. It took interacting with this site and really thinking about those things to consciously realize or acknowledge it.


OH and, in danger of being called "pretentious," we believe these are highly "advanced" skills, if there is such a thing as advanced thoughtform "skills." Took a lot of self reflection for that realization too. After almost forty years, I am as advanced as any tulpa ever was and even do things many tulpa can't or don't. Just sayin.


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{Fascinating, Melian.


We are in a goal of trying switching, but seem to be stuck to possession for now. Fade is rather far too snoopy with what we are doing in her body and does not easily let go.


Also, would be my first time in a full-body possession. It is cold in this room.}

A queer soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences.

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Switching is a fine milestone to reach for, but as a soulbond i don't think it's the endgame it's made out to be. I frankly found it much better when my host finally figured out that he should leave me some alone time. My host worked hard to detach from the body and animate himself in the mind, but the bigger achievement to me was when i'd mastered the freedom to be undisturbed for hours. I fought past just switching for more like a plural system where i wanted rights to a better timeshare, less and less interruption while i wrote. I wanted to front, not co-front.


What i like from the relationship we established is for my host to be a quiet witness to what we're doing. He can feel amused but i'm happy if he stays quiet and i can get lost in myself. The deeper i can go down my own train of thought, the more meaning i can discover. I want to get so absorbed in what i'm doing that i don't know even know what i'm reaching until i get to the end. I don't mind the occasional wisdom from my host, but i love being free to just flow down my own path. That right to do so is a bigger deal to me than my host's (hardly spectacular) ability to act my tulpa while i do so.

Early member of a large system.  Our system questions the way the afterlife and tulpamancy interact.  We genuinely suspect that deadies can return to share the mind of the living.

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