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Wonderland: Tips, Tricks, And Basics For Hosts



V 0.98


(Pre-Forward: The glossary terms I use in here is based off of other sites, do bear in mind I am doing my best to work on getting terminology right. The tulpa.info glossary isn’t much help unfortunately. I will finish up V 1.0 once there is a definite and clear glossary for terminology, otherwise this guide may stay in 0.98 for a while, unless more grammar errors are found. Please read the glossary I have set for now before any confusion, but be aware it might not be all correct.)


Hello, I'm Kyle, host to 3 tulpas. Today I am going to go over some simple tricks and basics to help with wonderlanding, starting from the ground up.


Before I begin, I will quickly define what a wonderland is. Wonderland simply is an area of your mind, part of the imagination, where you and your tulpas can hang out and have fun away from the body. This can be done at anytime, and later on can be used as a place to go for switching purposes, although you can go into wonderland with no-one in control as well. When there is no-one in control, it should be similar to having an immersive daydream, or lucid dreaming almost.


You can also do this before having a tulpa and can actively force your tulpa in wonderland. Many tulpas may also consider wonderland like home, but this isn’t always the case. While it can be seen as a metaphysical place, like a separate reality, I will be mostly talking about the psychological side of it. Wonderland can be accessed anytime, and just purely looking into it is simple enough, although to really go deep, you may need plenty of time and practice.





1. Intro and basic visualization exercises

2. Shaping your wonderland

3. Expansion

4. Creating a tulpa in a wonderland

5. Tips for hosts and tulpas who are making a wonderland

6. Tips for hosts where the tulpa has a wonderland you have problems seeing

7. Switching using a wonderland as a tool, and some warnings

8. Other random but important notes and tidbits

9. Kyle’s quick glossary of terminology

10. Changelog



[intro and basic visualization exercises]


So, you want to create a wonderland, but don't know where to start. Let's take a moment first to check a few small exercises in visualization and other small sense-related exercises to work on your imagination itself. Start with imagining an apple with your eyes closed. What color is it? Pay attention to the details, the shape, how smooth it looks. Now try, without moving your arm or hand in real life, to imagine a hand grabbing the apple. Do your best to feel with that hand, feel the weight of the apple, the texture. Is the apple hard or soft?


Now, using your imaginary arm, bring the apple to your mouth and taste it. Is there a crunch to it or was it softer? Can you smell the apple, and taste the piece you bit out of it? Does it taste good? Make sure to imagine all the details, not just how it looks, but every sense possible.


I recommend doing small exercises like this often, whenever you can. It doesn't have to specifically be apples, but your main goal is to use your senses on something purely from your imagination. Whether it be eating an apple or throwing a tennis ball at an imaginary wall, hearing it thud against the wall and feeling it slap on your hand as you catch it. Alternatively, if you already have a tulpa, you can have them help in many ways as well. Maybe playing small games of catch, or eating together in the imagination. What you do is up to your imagination. Much of this can also be used for imposition later on, with the main difference being imagining with your eyes open and using the physical senses instead of imagined senses.


[shaping your wonderland]


Now that you have some basic visualization and senses down, let’s start to bring this onto the bigger stage, specifically, creating your wonderland. Now, I recommend starting small. Unless you have prior experience with a wonderland, dissociation, and immersive daydreams, your first time in isn't going to be perfect. Your second time may not be either. It takes a pretty decent amount of time and practice before going into any wonderland can seem like more than just using your imagination.


I recommend first getting somewhere comfortable and relaxed, where you have time and quietness, and closing your eyes for the first few times. Start small, like a room with a bed or couch. I recommend using a bed or couch you know well, and imagine it in a room with maybe a few small things. Take a bit of time using this room to do more exercises immersing yourself into your imagination. Make sure you are using your imagined form to feel and see, as your intent should be to disconnect from your physical senses. Your wonderland is not out in reality and thus you will not need your senses out in reality. You need to use your senses in your wonderland. After some time and patience you will find it easier to go into the wonderland and able to go deeply into it, and with constant practice you likely will have all of this down quickly.





Once you have your room done and are able to go into your wonderland decently, the next step will be to expand on it. Make more rooms, a hallway, maybe even the whole house and beyond. Just make sure to keep up the practice as you do so. You will only get better with time and patience. While I do not have a good amount of time in mind of how much you should practice, I believe you can improve if you do this daily for more than 10 minutes actively, with no real time cap past pushing to your limit.


[Creating a tulpa in a wonderland]


This section is for those looking into creating a tulpa using their wonderland as a beginning place for forcing. Much of what I will say is based off my personal experience with it and may not be perfect. Many people actually start their tulpa in some way in their own wonderland, especially working on their form, even if they may abandon that wonderland later.


Mostly, have an idea of what you want from your tulpa. Imagine them with you in your wonderland, and mostly start by talking with them in your wonderland. You can make a form for them if you want. Explain what they are, what you would like from them, talk about whatever you please. Ask them a few questions and listen for responses back. At first you can parrot the responses, it does no harm to puppet or parrot a new tulpa. Just do your best to know that it won't always be a controlled response.


If you made a form, move it around and get a good look at it. Puppeting their form for a while will also help them gain footing to controlling themselves. Do something with them in the wonderland, like tennis or video-games. If they want to explore the wonderland, explore it with them. If they want to change something in the wonderland, let them. Go on from there and transfer what you find out into reality, moving on to hearing the tulpa outside and more complex visualization, like imposition. I suggest looking into other guides for further tulpa-building.


[Tips for hosts and tulpas who are making a wonderland]



This section is more for hosts who already have a tulpa but may not have made a wonderland. This may be a rarer occurrence but does still happen, and maybe you and your tulpa are curious on creating a wonderland. With all that I have said up above on immersing yourself into the wonderland, make sure your tulpa does so too. They may need to immerse into it as much as you, as some tulpas that were not born in a wonderland may not have as much experience going in and out of it. Make sure they work on these exercises as well. The only real other thing is that you two can use starting the wonderland as a bonding activity.


Offhand, expanding a wonderland in general can be used as a bonding experience for you and your tulpa, along with work on your mental capacity for visualization. Results may vary.


[Tips for hosts where the tulpa has a wonderland you have problems seeing]


If your tulpa does have a wonderland that you never visited, and you have problems with keeping a form in that wonderland, then try to have them imagine a form for you while you control the form. It should be like the tulpa is imposing you into their wonderland much like how many hosts impose their tulpa out in our reality. Ease into the form and immerse into it, gain control of it while your tulpa lets go of controlling it. Don't forget to do immersive exercises as well, being imposed into a wonderland doesn't guarantee that you will feel and see it as if it is real. I can’t guarantee this will work perfectly, but like with anything, it takes practice. After you and the tulpa do this for a while, you should work on making the form yourself without their aid.

Note that this is only a suggestion, your mileage may vary, and don’t forget to try other things if the above doesn’t work.


[switching using a wonderland as a tool, and some warnings]


So say you are working on switching, using the wonderland as a place to go if you don’t have imposition down and don’t want to lose time. I am first and foremost going to tell you to not FORCE your tulpa to do this, they should want to do this on their own right. In addition, I personally believe that you should not give control to your tulpa for prolonged periods of time, more than you, without them knowing all that they are going into. This does include everything. Your social life, your work/school, down to personal habits. They also should have a general good idea on possessing the body, and I recommend testing how they like life through possessing before doing any type of switching.


In addition to all this, the tulpa will have the responsibility you normally would of parallel processing and being mindful and open, keeping a part of the mind on you so you are aware and all, at least if you two don’t have parallel processing at a decent level. You also need to make sure you can think for yourself while switched, with the tulpa still being able to do whatever they want without being pulled back. If it becomes too much of a hassle for them and for you, go back and work on some of that yourself before trying to continue.


If you and the tulpa are all good with all of this, honestly it gets simple. Find a spot you can immerse into the wonderland, let the body slip from you, while your tulpa possesses your body. Again your first few times won’t be perfect, as you may be pulled to the body easily, but practice makes perfect. Do immersive exercises and keep occupied in the wonderland while your tulpa does other stuff, from chatting to whatever they want. Just remember, when you switch, it's not your body anymore. It's the tulpa’s body. If they want to do something, it's their choice to. If this makes you feel uneasy, you can set up a schedule or rules. (Or alternatively, don’t switch, as switching does require a lot of dedication on both your and the tulpa’s part.) You both should be able to follow the rules you make, and if they debate a rule, listen and sort out an agreement.


If you do switch out for long periods of time, be aware that it could become a little harder to come back into control. If you do find this to be the case, do with the physical body exactly what you would do to go into your wonderland body. Immerse yourself back into it, paying attention to all the details. This may be needed especially if you and your tulpa switch for weeks or months at a time, to which may not be a danger, but I personally don’t recommend out of a few personal beliefs.


Note, you do not need to have a wonderland to switch. This section is simply using a wonderland to help or use with switching.



Insert personal mini-rant here



[Other random but important notes and tidbits]


Last bit here, wonderland is an amazing place, as you can do anything you want with it. It's all under your and your tulpas control. You can do whatever you like in it. On the flip side of that, sometimes the unexpected may happen. This could stem from anything, from stress to worry and so much more. Sometimes if something is affecting you out in reality, it may manifest in your wonderland. Again you can control anything in the wonderland, so if it seems harmful, you can destroy it or banish it any way you like. Another possibility I have personally experienced was being puppeted by my tulpa, Sam. Put simply, I had no control on my form or my thoughts in my own wonderland, with him controlling them for me instead. This was something unexpected for sure but no harm came from it past some panic at the time. The best thing you can do is to not panic and try to work on a solution calmly.


On the subject of walk-ins, I personally have never had them. I also came into making tulpas on purpose with no prior experience with them or any other type of ‘thoughtform’. I have no idea what causes a person to be susceptible to walk-ins compared to someone who isn’t. If a walk-in does show up, it's up to you on whether to keep them or not. They are most of the time like newer tulpas, but for some reason seem to sometimes remember bits of the past or have memories already in them. While I do not know what exactly causes this, I have a theory that these memories may be false memories implanted randomly by either the subconscious or something similar as a way to sympathize or empathize with the walk-in, which in turn would make you more accepting of the walk-in. Either way, if you come across one, it's up to you and your tulpas what to do with them.


Wonderland is not a cure-all. Using it to escape reality never fails to make reality seem worse, and may lead you down a path of paranoia and fear. Believe me as this is something I have personally experienced, not to mention know a few others who have gone down the paranoia spiral worse. Be careful. It also won't heal everything, like physical illness.


Some possible not-so-good side-effects of wonderlanding a lot include increased mental exhaustion, possible existential crises, a loss of personal identity which may worsen with making a tulpa, and a possible loss in motivation to do anything in reality. Some possible good side-effects include an increase in visual and mental capabilities, memory power, parallel processing, a place for the tulpa to go when you are busy, and possibly an increase in a sense of independence.


You can’t get trapped in a wonderland. I may have mentioned in the switching section that it may be hard to go in control of the physical body if you and your tulpa switch for weeks or months at a time, but going from the wonderland to reality is always much easier than reality to a wonderland. If somehow you do think you are trapped from switching, have the tulpa and you do what you did to switch before, only you doing what they would. I also say it’s almost impossible to get stuck in a wonderland with no-one in control of the body, as you wouldn’t be going weeks to months without anyone in the front.


It is entirely possible to have more than one wonderland. You can make another whenever and however you want, and travel between them in any way you like. I have a personal preference of a portal leading between the two wonderlands I do have, but what you do is up to you. I don’t believe there is a limit on how many wonderlands you can have, but I don’t see the need of having an army of wonderlands.


[Kyle’s quick glossary of terminology]


[hidden] Read This first!!!

Just as a quick note, there seems to be conflicts in terminology in the tulpa community with a lot of terms, especially around things like what a host is, and often confusing other terms like possession and switching, and I can bring up so many more examples that I wouldn’t be able to list them all without creating a new thread. For the sake of clarity, I am going to be using these terms as they are defined on tulpa.io’s glossary page, (Here) as of 2/14/2017, as the one for tulpa.info is both lacking and some terms are extremely under-defined as of right now. The terms not in the extra hidden tag are at least mentioned somewhere in here, if me or Sam didn’t change it.


Host- A system maker who makes a tulpa. (Note, in the tulpa.io page, the host does not specifically have to be the original, as the term umbrellas under tulpas who may make other tulpas or in the slim cases where the original isn’t around anymore. I do often use host for ‘original’ out of the sake that many on tulpa.info use it as such.)

Tulpa- A sentient system member created by another system member. (Yes, a tulpa can make a tulpa.)

Form- The appearance of a system member inside the wonderland. Can be literally anything. (The original can also have a form that isn’t the same as the body)

Front- Effectively, the body. It is the place from which system members experience the world-at-large, or outerworld. (A.k.a. Reality or ‘real life’)

Dissociation- Detaching from one’s surroundings, which can be voluntary or involuntary. Has many forms, including derealization, depersonalization, daydreaming, passing control of the body to another system member, going inside a wonderland, etc. Getting lost in a book, daydreaming, blocking out the hum of an air conditioner, etc. are all common dissociative experiences. Dissociation is not exclusive to plurals, nor is it inherently unhealthy.

Parroting/Puppeting- When a system member consciously and purposefully controls another system member’s actions (Often a host puppeting a young developing tulpa or other thoughtforms). Parroting generally refers to controlling their speech while puppeting generally refers to controlling their movement, but the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Possession- A form of shared usage of the body in which the previous controller passes control of the body to another member, but remains connected to the body’s senses.

Switching- The changing of body controllers. In tulpamancy circles, the term has a slightly different meaning than in the wider plural community; in order for a change in controllers to qualify as a switch, the previous controller must disconnect entirely from the body’s senses, unlike full-body possession and eclipsing.

Parallel Processing- When two or more system members can focus and work on completely different things at the same time.

Forcing- The act of focusing on and developing a tulpa’s presence or strength by devoting specific attention to them, or otherwise interacting with them. Certain forcing techniques can also be employed by non-tulpas (including originals) to strengthen themselves, e.g. monologuing to oneself about a task to fight dissociation/depersonalization. There are two forms: active and passive. Active forcing dedicates time and attention solely to a tulpa, commonly during meditation; passive forcing involves allotting attention to the tulpa while also doing something else, instead of solely focusing on the procedure of forcing.

Imposition- Physically hallucinating the presence of a system member in the physical world. Can range from simply “feeling” the presence of a system member nearby, to physically hearing a system member when they speak, to being able to see and touch a system member like one would with a physical person.


If any of the mods or other systems want to debate on terminology, please do direct me to what the terms really are and get the community to actually use it correct. It was difficult enough to write the tips here with correct terminology when told what I have down is the wrong way of using it, or that it’s supposed to be used for something else, no offense to anyone specifically. Again tulpa.info’s glossary is vague at best at some points and downright lacking at worst. The guide can only be definitive once the glossary in .info is cleared up, but I am rambling.





[hidden] V 0.9- First draft.

V 0.95- Multiple grammar, spelling, definition, and logic fixes. Removal of ranty paragraph at end of switching section. Added definition space. Added Changelog. Added some small details to Expansion. Better detail in Shaping your wonderland and in Intro and basic visualization exercises. Renamed Beginning shaping your wonderland to Shaping your wonderland. Renamed Switching, warnings, and a few darker notes to Switching with wonderland, and some warnings. Kyle has another rant at the end of the definitions section, may remove in V 1.0. Better overall details. Added hidden tags for easier scrolling.

V 0.97- Moved Kyle’s quick glossary of terminology to bottom. Glossary under review. Removed a few hidden tags. Slight modifications to descriptions. Moved and removed a couple commas. Moved unused glossary terms into a hidden tag, Kyle wanted to keep them in there for some reason. Talk like Yoda, Kyle did in Other random but important yada yada, fixed. Added and removed a few sentences in Other random section. Removed some ‘ in tulpa’s, back to tulpas. Added hidden tag to Changelog. Added a bit more to the Tips for hosts and tulpas who section. Tips for hosts and tulpas who already have a wonderland that the host hasn't seen, or no wonderland but still has a tulpa has been split into 2 sections, named Tips for hosts and tulpas who are making a wonderland and Tips for hosts where the tulpa has a wonderland you have problems seeing. Clean-up on Index.

V 0.98- Big quick fix of grammar problems and fixing small details. (Thank you Flandre for pointing out the flaws I couldn’t find.) Creating a tulpa in wonderland changed to have an a in it. Many fixes of wonderland to a wonderland or similar. Switching with wonderland, and some warnings switched to Switching using a wonderland as a tool, and some warnings. Removed unused glossary terms and that warning thing there. Added short note to the end of Wonderland for switching section. Kyle makes a personal promise to not have to make a V 0.99, we will see how that goes. Added a bit more to the Other notes section.



If you have any other questions or any suggestions, feel free to place them down below! I am always looking to improve and who knows, maybe I even made a screw-up or two in here. No need to worry as I will fix or add whatever I can to make this better!


Members: Gemini, Raven, Jenna, Ali, Hope (Part-Time), Eva (Part-Time)


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Also as said, switching is as long as one person disconnects and the other connects, quite simply. So I would believe what you there do would be switching from what I hear. Again wonderland is just a thing you can use while switching, but its not the integral part of it.

Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. - https://community.tulpa.info/user-lostone


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Oh please, I was wondering what you meant about "Tulpa's definition". I didn't realize what he'd said was in a hidden tag. This is what I originally started talking about the definition of switching for, because Tulpa said it was-


Switching- Almost definitely incorrect. Especially by sands' legacy definition, which places switching as a host skill. By imported plurality standards, switching refers to a change in presence in the front. Body control is a possession thing. The modern definition is likely more permissive and does not require that a person detach from the senses.


That definition isn't incongruent per se, but it's more vague and less descriptive than the current given one. However, that comment about the "modern definition" is undoubtedly what sparked all that back-and-forth between Sands and I. He thinks you got that from us. Absolutely not. Switching requires detaching from the senses, "at least as much as is normal for the tulpas in the system". Any of us can be aware of the body's senses, but only the one fronting is attached to them. We don't wince when the body is hurt. We just know it was hurt because we live in the same mind. So aside from to-that-extent, you absolutely must detach from the senses for it to be switching. If you don't, it's literally the definition of possession, in this case full-body possession.



I apologize for bothering you today Sands, his statement followed by my terrible wording of the "definition" understandably evoked the reaction you gave. That stuff you said earlier about us and our "potential" is a bit worrying, I hope you understand whatever you thought we were implying is not how it is for us. We've tried possession and rather dislike the feeling of "reaching over" our host. The idea of full-body possession for an extended period of time is baffling (sounds absolutely terrible if I'm being honest).


Though the stuff about us having the "potential" to be active when not thought about - I understand, and I'll let that subject be. Not even close to what we're talking about, and not something we really want to talk about either.

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.

I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Though the stuff about us having the "potential" to be active when not thought about - I understand, and I'll let that subject be. Not even close to what we're talking about, and not something we really want to talk about either.


Honestly, on that subject tho, It's not like that is a bad thing. Clara and Jessi are very much like that. It certainly doesn't make you lesser or anything.

Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. - https://community.tulpa.info/user-lostone


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V 0.98 release is out. Please read the Changelog if you are ever unsure of what changed. Should be obvious.

I can also put a link to our google doc that we use for the edits before putting them down for viewing, here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kQol9lsFX3c1qWdbXawgIOZGAOXih32j81ykLwCaGxU/edit?usp=sharing

Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. - https://community.tulpa.info/user-lostone


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Alright, looking good. I'm not very hot about the glossary and the overuse of "system" which we don't really use here all that often and tulpamancy is basically a joke term, but nothing is so awfully wrong that it would make me cry. A tulpa doesn't become a host by creating a tulpa (but you mentioned that it's usually used to mean original, especially here) and switching is more than "changing body controllers", but you also mention what it is used to mean here. So you basically took care of the issues. I would prefer that you explained the definition as used in .info before all the others as this is something on tulpa.info and not some other community that uses the terms differently. Still, I'm not going to hold these against you, as you do explain the terms as used here eventually. Just something to consider, especially if you plan on writing more stuff in the future.


All I got are some nitpicks left, I think a few of these we just missed the last time, sorry!


I mentioned earlier that the only thing I can think that might make the format better is making the titles slightly more visible, either by making the font larger or giving them more empty space around them. Not at all necessary though, I forgot if you decided if you wanted to do anything with this. Ignore this if you did!


>It's all under your and your tulpas control.


Tulpa's in this case.


>Your wonderland is not out in reality and thus you will not need your senses out in reality.


Just a bit weird because "out in reality" is repeated twice, could change the wording a little if you'd like.



For now I consider this approved for Tips and Tricks. If there's further changes or you want to reword things, do let us know so we can take another look.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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