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For general character-building


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Ok finally I managed to get these done. I have a lot going on with classes being past the mid semester mark. so much so that it slowed me down a bit more than I liked. I have the work sheets done for the Tulpa records. They are not perfectly 8.5 by 11, but they are really close. You have to use a program that allows to modify page setting because pixels are not relative to inch's. I don't have adobe yet. I am using Gimp and Paint tool Sai. I am still working on the guide for these Tulpa records, but all in due time.


Tulpa Records DA

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If someone is wanting to use a character sheet for initial tulpa-creation purposes, there are many available online that are more convenient than notebook paper scans. I realize you put a lot of work into these, and they may be beneficial for you, but I don't think I can approve this.

pr // discord: Heckhound#6112
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