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Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality (Guide)

Piano Soul


Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality


This guide was written to cover the beginning stages of tulpamancy from creation to vocalization in a way that's useful and comprehensible to someone new to the concept, detailing general guidelines, tips, explanations, and other practical information to help someone beginning their tulpa journey.


Google Docs light version: link

Google Docs dark version: link

PDF copy: Tulpas Creation, Sentience, and Vocality (Guide).pdf

Edited by Piano Soul
Updated link statuses and uploaded back-up PDF

 💡 The Felights 💡 https://felight.carrd.co/  💡

🪐 Cosmicals: 🔥 Apollo Fire the Sun God (12/3/16) Piano Soul the Star Man (1/26/17)

🐉 Mythicals: ☁️ Indigo Blue the Sky Dragon (10/2/17), 🦑 Gelato Sweet the Sea Monster (12/11/22)

🦇 Nycticals:  Dynamo Lux the Shock Rocker (3/3/17), 🎸 Radio Hiss the Song Demon (2/8/00)

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Hey, Can I Ask something? This first time I wanna create Tulpa with name Naugoru dan He is White Wolf with dark eyes. The problem is I don't know where to start, especially how to make Wonderland or make it visible before my eyes. And also I don't have time to make it because I run out of time to do housework. I lived with my big brother and Have wife, until I had a job and also I was still in school. I want to have friends when I want to be alone.


So my house is never lonely and I don't have a private place and I share a bedroom with my nephew. What should I do ?

I want to do active faxing, but can I stay in bed every night? and how to visualize


Sorry, my English is bad





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