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Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality (Guide)

Apollo Fire

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I think this is a fairly clear and down-to-earth guide, I approve. I do have some feedback though.


Some positives: It's pretty nicely written and very clear. I'm glad that you generally tell people not to stress about the details; lines like "Do not get too hung up on how much you do of each: simply getting into the habit of consistently interacting with your tulpa is what you should be more concerned about." really make it. Your section on narration is nice.


Negatives: It's frustrating how dated a lot of what you say is to me, considering this is a guide that's been written recently and you haven't been in the community for too long. People writing them into guides is how they get propagated and hang around, I guess. Section 5 is an exemplar of this for me: all the 'signs of sentience' like head pressures, even coming up with some new ones; assuming sentience from the start and an extreme attitude of always attributing everything to your tulpa; the strong separation between sentience and vocality (to the point of not even listing vocality as a 'sign of sentience' - it's by far the most important). In section 2 you make sure to remind everyone how hard making a tulpa is, too. Greeting stage (I guess people still do this?). You also put a lot of emphasis on visualisation and wonderland.


The negatives there are really more opinionated and possibly more people would agree with you than me. Still, I would say that there isn't much new here as opposed to rehashed. But it is a good rehash, so I'm approving.

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The concept of "signs of sentience" bugs me on its own. I don't believe in real or fake, only experience. But that's only opinion, right? Is it really fair to ask someone to change theirs?


You can think about the things waffles mentioned and change them if you don't mind, I agree with him, but I don't think you're really required to.

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The fact that ideas are old doesn't make them bad, the fact that a system as relatively young as ours can make them work means they're probably good ideas. Things that we don't like such as personality forcing were changed, stuff like sentience is probably mostly unchanged as we found success. Stuff like making sure hosts treat their tulpas like people is more important, I think, than trying to change a model that already worked well for most people we know into something new. Which, I'm not even sure how it could be changed.


The "greeting" thing is just a way to get started with a tulpa. It's something we did with all of our intentional tulpas. It's mostly to make the host feel like they've actually begun the process more than anything else.


I don't see issue with telling someone there are signs they can look for to help them believe their tulpas are sentient, as long as it's clear that the list is flexible and more of a guideline of things to look for rather than concrete, which I added something explaining. It's all about belief, and it they end up believing that these things mean their tulpa is sentient, there shouldn't be an issue.


Added "speech" as a sign of sentience, and added a little disclaimer that sentience and vocality are not strictly separate.


I didn't say making a tulpa was hard, I just said it wasn't easy. Reworded that a bit.


Any other sections/sentences anyone thinks needs looking at, just write them down and I will :]

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The mediafire and file dropper links were both broken, so they have been labeled accordingly. I added PDF copies of both the original guide in the OP and @Théotime 's French translation in their post here.

Edited by Ranger

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