Servitors/Daemons and Imposition

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Responding with the assumptions that servitors/Daemons are psychological artifacts, thought forms, I would say yes. Any thought, thought form, will alter the landscape of the mind to either increase potentiality of a goal, or decrease potentiality.


Sorting Daemons in metaphysical way, that's a bit more convoluted as we have to sort meaning. Anthony Peake's definition, which is likely consistent with Socrates' Daemon, seems to relate to 'the passenger' concept that we, humans, always have this secret companion. That companion, typically a watcher, seems ambivalent at most, for most people most the time, except during extreme crises, as we all don't seem to be interacting with the other in the background. That may be less about it's nature and more about the barriers between communication; and Anthony Peake make's an interesting argument that it's the barriers of communication between right and left hemispheres, as the left hemisphere is clearly dominant and likely over powers the right. (Which changes during crises!) As for the general use of Daemons... closer to Demons, or perhaps the concept Persian concept of Jinns, I would find that harder to sort... If we assume folklore to be minimally accurate in terms of contacting, confining, and reasonably negotiating with such entities, I would say, you are better off returning to creation guides and doubling down on all the existing protocols.


Servitors, even from a more metaphysical perspective, still start from within a psychological paradigm in their initial development, as that you are deliberately crafting it from scratch for a specific purpose. I can only think of one explanation that might make it less likely to work. If turning towards servitor options is turning to magical thinking to overcome perceived psychological limits to explain limited success with existing tulpa creation protocols, then one could increase the underlying psychological impedance making it more difficult to get results. If you have always practiced magic, like burning specific colored candles, or putting crystals out, or writing or releasing spells, and have an affinity towards nature and paranormal explanations, and you have a reasonably positive experience with the practice, i would say go for it. If this is a final act of desperation to reach the next level, as opposed to just using tools to improve the landscape or accentuate intent... There is no way to really discern or speculate other than to say less likely. Persistence, insistence, even in desperation might just be the level of increased intensity that snowballs you in the right direction. Ultimately, worse case scenario- it just slows you down and puts up more psychological barriers to overcome, but it's not ever a game over situation. It just potentially means more work or more time.

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