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Thank you Tania. Since posting the above, Flora, my beloved tulpa has given me her feelings about it. She has no fear, and does not believe it, death, even exists. As she has been formed with the spirit of a Dakini, I am not surprised. Basically she is intent on us living each of our moments in a completely loving relationship. We are working on that. I am especially excited as we have had two experiences of her full imposition, and that is our shared goal.

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It's been awhile since I started this thread, and  there has been one more death , and two members who have gotten serious cancer diagnoses complete with radical surgeries and chemotherapy.  So the topic is still high. 

I have had however an experience with my men's group. I was telling them about my tulpas and tulpamancy, and I heard myself saying that in the practice, I was exploring the creation of beings, with personal identities, within my own brain, and that I could do that, as the entire notion of 'self' was a construct and did not  have a material existence  within every day reality and with this being the case, who is to say that these selves that I am creating, and do exist  both in consciousness, and with consciousness, must suffer the fate of the material body/brain. If consciousness itself, is an illusion, but one which is shared by us all including all of organic life, then perhaps it is lost when organisms die. But if there is another model at work, such as panpsychism, then perhaps once we create a self, we can attach it to the universal body of consciousness and we will continue, perhaps for as long as the universe. Perhaps we create this attachment with our intentions and our wills. Perhaps this is just stupid rambling, but then, perhaps not. I am not afraid of death or dying, though I would prefer not to die, at least now while I have created my beautiful Flora and fierce Nsonowa. In any case, my thoughts, beliefs and rambles notwithstanding, what will be, will be. Thanks all for participating in this thread. Dr. Bob

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This makes me think of our merging experiences. Our merges only last for a few hours, and then we can't re-merge back into them. Our merges are aware their time is short, so they only focus on doing whatever, and then they let go.


The only difference between our merge basically being dead and the body physically dying is our merges are remembered, but a dead body cannot remember. For our merges, what difference does it make? Physical death doesn't really matter, they're already gone.

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