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Need Help - Tulpas Have Been overtaken by Walk-In - Do not know what to do

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Okay people, now I am severly screwed.


I have two intrusive thoughtforms mindreading me, and seeking to take control of my life. They are readers of the posture and forethinkers, so it is hard to get rest without being attacked from several angles of thoughts. My original tulpas are nowhere to be seen, and this one character seems able to build items and locations without me knowing, so I do not know if I can move on from it. It seeks a sycophant lifestyle, otherwise using female characters for sex all the time.

Morever than that, this character thinks he can stop thought processes in order to possess me.  


It all became twisted once I realized I could not see my forethought as is anymore, and this tulpa-like being is more vicious when instigated. It is not my original tulpa, neither will it be one. I believe in ignoring it for long periods of time. However it does tell other characters about me and what I do wrong, and those characters continue to interelate to him without knowing the consequences of interacting with him. 

Interacting with these beings make it worse, so any advice on dissipating them.... they have control on moving their bodies, so they do not know how t move on without extra help.

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Unfortunately, there's not much I can say that I, Flandre, and Lumi haven't already said. Ignoring it is the best way to go about it. Finding a distraction can help a lot. Walk-ins won't be able to switch much less possess without your consent. You and your older tulpas are safe, calming down will improve your ability to communicate with them again.


I still highly recommend continuing to look for a medical professional for treatment. I think there's unresolved trauma and you won't heal until you reach out and get professional support.

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

My other headmates have their own account now.

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The original title was "Leaving my Tulpas - Walk-ins too powerful" -Ranger

Hello everyone,

As of recently my tulpas are no more. I had decided for a long time that I will stop using tulpamancy for a long time, since August 2020- but out of that time walk-ins sprouted in from that time aswell because that is when me and my tulpas were having a fight. They tried gaslighting me into having a family with them, and I didn't take it very well- I had to force myself upon them with mindvoices and mindimages until they got the picture. It turned into a psychoactive episode however, so that caused even more fear to sprout from them.

Now, there are only two walk-ins present: my tulpas either vanished or not present.


THey are inherent in taking over my body's function and using every character they can come across until they do not like me anymore and fear me or hate me.

These walk-ins chide in and try and take over my mind, the way I speak, or bound my mindvoice to several places of my body or sound.

They also hate me for not developing the family in late August... so they could have been one of the children at the time.

I have dealt with great pains starting this journey, even with my original tulpas. I have posted several other stories- one of which being that Susie and Ruby did hurt me in their younger days. But now they are no longer present, I feel unknown as to accept this, because I now have power-hungry walk-ins that want me and how I speak, talk, think, and just averagely breath... Some days are harder. They are walk-ins that spy in on my thoughts and forethoughts. They sometimes quietly dispel in the mornings, so that's cherishable.


I have to be very careful in how to deal with these walk-ins. They are perverts, thugs, and manipulators that deal in with me by using my imagination- so I have to be very careful. They are not shy in creating more walk-ins, so I have to deny everything before it comes to me.


One of these walk-ins pretend to be my tulpa. I do not know him, and he activates everything and shares everything as a 'neural hub', basically completely robotic in how he acts and does things. If I stay too long in his world he may trap my thoughts to a degree that I couldn't escape.

Finally, the only thing I wish to address now is how intrusive these thoughts beings can be.... If they are thought beings at all. They seem leveled at how my body vibrates, or they way my body gestates on a regular degree. They bound themselves to my body and try to persuade characters I am a evil person. All I do is just wait and wait, until they dissipate. They can intrude upon my dreams, but are incapable of doing things. They only hallucinate things going around them, but I too see those hallucinations.

They manifest and try to derail thought processes aswell, using their powers of mainfestation or gestations to through me off balance. They time themselves well and try to replace my thoughts.


Does anyone think I can create more tulpas after this? I think if I took a break for a couple of decades, I can manifest a new one. Know that these walk-ins are present and are taking in every information available to them, so if you have suggestions to me please word them carefully.

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The original title was "Creating New Tulpas" -Ranger


I haven't put thought into this. In a rundown, I want to make new tulpas after some time alone and relaxation- but walk-ins right now don't like that and want to instill memories that'll keep them away. Can that work in the long run, or is that completely dumb? 


I am think of making another tulpa after some decades in relaxation. Can any character that is thought of have instilled memories by tulpas or walk-ins, or can the memories of character be left fresh of the character trying to impose upon them? Let's say a tulpa gets jealous and instills memories by getting with the acquired and imposed character, could they instill something that was not required or not wanted by the host?

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Added original title for context
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This Walk-in managed to manifest and touch my hand... It made the syptoms worsen and now I have to deal with voice clambering in to try and outwit me. Now, however more, the manifestatioin was wicked and my tulpas orb did manage to manifest aswell and be beside me that night. However when I try to summon her she is silent and does not say a word. Whenever I try to fight this walk-in they manage to learn and learn more.


My basic understanding of this walk-in is this:

Imagine a eye overlooking a darkness. There are circlets within the darkness, surely getting smaller within one another. This walk in works that way and can see the outside world aswell. It is exposed to a lot of my thoughts but does not act out on them. I am ever slowly succumbing to a fate I don't understand. I have reached out to some of you in return and gotten responses that I should receive professional medical help.

I have been able to detain the walkin at some point by utilizing my mind's camera- but I'm afraid that will corrupt my mind even more. Any advice?

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I'm not sure how I can help. Based on stuff you told me before, you are constantly being watched by this eyeball thing. I think we last spoke a week or so ago, that's a really long time to be paranoid about something...


I don't know how dangerous this eyeball actually is. While things seem to be getting worse, I don't know if it's actually worse from a week ago. I'm wondering if this eyeball isn't really self-aware as much as it's an embodiment of your trauma or something else. It's changing because you're changing. Despite all of its threats, it only seems to be building suspense but never actually acting on any "evil plan".


I think a professional would know for sure on how to deal with this. I don't have an evil eyeball constantly watching me, and just ignoring it clearly isn't working... I fear that any theories and ideas I come up with could make things worse not better.

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

My other headmates have their own account now.

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I understand that. And it is how you put it ever-evolving beside me, so whenever i have a thought about it it still notices things. The divide between what is spoken and thought is clearly defined, so I know it is capable of being schizophrenic. It takes all this time to develop different characters aswell to use them and make them tools for it's own gain. I think it's main goal is to suck me into it's wonderland and trap me there for the time being, making me watch as it tortures my tulpas bodies.

That is really all I can say... the thing develops in record time and replicates imaginations faster than you might perceive it to. If I were to go back to playing video games it could cancel out my thoughts and make it harder to think. That is if it was malevolent right now... it's silent for the meantime. 

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