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Hi! I'm Corrin. Im 16. My tulpas name is Oni and he's 17. I've only created him a month ago. So far he can communicate through emotions but thats all. I have a hard time visualizing so we arnt even really working on that quite yet but I have drawn him. Lately with school I've been really distracted and stressed so I haven't been remembering to narrate. I've also been having trouble even knowing what to say. I've set a reminder to show every 2 hours to remind me to talk to him so we'll see how that works. When we talk as a response he gives me an emotion but its really just a warm feeling in my chest. Im not sure what it means but I enjoy knowing he's there. 

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I always tried to include my tulpas in everything I did. If I was walking to school, I'd talk to them about random things and usually nudged them to comment on everything we saw, that ended up creating 'triggers' for them, so if brain started associating cakes with one of my tulpas, now everytime we saw a cake, that tulpa would be triggered. Eventually the brain made it a habit to keep them commenting on everything I was doing and that led to lots of passive but non-stop narration.

Miri: original host and Mirichu's FBI agent (against will).

Mirichu: second tulpa and main fronter at the moment.

Akai: first tulpa and voice of reason of the system.

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