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Why Tulpamancy isn't cultural appropriation - VIDEO!


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So I have made a video about why Tulpamancy is NOT cultural appropriation!


THE ARTICLE THIS VIDEO WAS BASED ON: https://tinyurl.com/3d4ctahk

So I have made a video about why Tulpamancy is NOT cultural appropriation towards the practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Extensive research shows that Tulpamancy is a result of the further evolving of a misconception, and has since been its own concept. Where does Tulpamancy come from? What is the difference between a (Western) Tulpa and the Tibetan Sprul Pa? You will find out in this video! Thanks for watching!




~ 𝒁̲̅𝒆̲̅𝒏̲̅𝒐̲̅



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Great video! It was very insightful and educational for me. I was only vaguely familiar with the origins of Western Tulpamancy. I only bumbled into the term by accident online then the rabbit hole brought me here. 😊

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

(Raccoon Queen 🦝👸)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Doesn't matter if it is or it isn't, I'm a cultural appropriator because I'm a cultural appreciator, I'm a cultured man.

The cool breeze flowed through our hair like a ethereal stream as we sat among the shore, looking into the dream.


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