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How much of "her" should I leave up to her to create?

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So I'm only a few collective hours into tulpaforcing. My best opportunity is during my gym class in which we are literally allowed to do whatever the hell we want, so I go outside and walk in the forest next to our school; everybody else is a puss apparently and doesn't like outdoors, guaranteeing me a good 35-40 minutes of alone time with Sophie. As I narrate aloud to her, I've been getting the usual 'headache sensations' and whatnot, but I've been wondering...


Since I'm subscribed to the belief that a tulpa is sentient from the get-go, just how much of my tulpa should I create myself, and how much should I leave for her to fill in the gaps?


I suppose what I'm really asking is: Since she's most likely already sentient, is it a bad idea for me to create every aspect of "her" when she may already have her own identity that clashes with my idea of her identity?


To anyone with a sentient and vocal tulpa, I know that some tulpae have recalled up to the very beginning of creation process, but did that include having their "identity" from the very beginning?

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As some guy once said, it's gotta come from somewhere. Tulpas need all the definition they can get, it's a good part of what makes them. So until you can interact with them to help them define themselves, I don't think pushing them along will hurt. I'm sure if they have any complaints about this, they will alert you, and maybe change things themselves later.


Though, of course, the best way to think about all of this is "Whatever you think your mind will find more comfortable", so if it really bothers you that much, do what you feel should be done.

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My tulpa is in the very beginning stages of vacalization, not enough to ask for her opinion on the matter, so you may choose to wait until someone who is further along than I to post, but this is general information so I'll just leave it here. I'm sure you've heard it before though.


Personality is not totally required. You don't necessarily have to work on it at all and still achieve a tupper. However, the results could be something that isn't of your liking. They may be a dick or something. Doubtful, but possible. The more you work on personality, the more they will become the personality you're working on, although there is still a chance they'll deviate anyway. Or you could do what myself and some others are doing, and only loosely define their personality, and let them just fill in the blank spots.


I don't think you need to worry about an identity crisis. Your tupper can deviate from your original design to something more fitting, so if the identity you create for them clashes, they'll just change it. Basically, they are going to become who you want them to be, whether you consciously realize it or not. I see you already have some traits listed in your sig, so you probably already have an idea for her personality. Go with that, force/narrate and get a good feel for who she is, and if that isn't totally fine with her, I'm sure she'll just change it later.

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As already said, you don't have to work on personality at all of you want, but it helps. And the risk of a tupper turning out to be a dick is very small. The only way a tulpa can get an identity crisis I've heard of is if you expect them to be like a certain person or character, which, of course, they can't. So yeah, work on that tupper, she'll turn out just fine.

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Well am sure the 3 wall of text above me answered your question.


As they said, you got to start from somewhere, give Her a foundation to build on, she can always make changes in the process.


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