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Digital Screen Visualization


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Yeah, I agree this definitely has some useful information. I was glancing through the guide, and I could easily follow along the mode of logic and imagine Eva pretty easy. Though, I guess that wouldn't be something difficult after going on a crusade months ago with augmenting my visual skills. The 3d model thing is something I plan to do more in the future for Eva and Ada, and maybe other people's tulpas as well (sculpting them in a 3d program called Zbrush that is).



Definitely approved for Guides.

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Approved, Guides.


Despite the symbolism, this seems more of a guide than a tip.


Most of the advice is good, but I do have a few small objections:


Gradually imagine yourself importing sentience/AI into your tulpa in the "program", by imagining how they interact with their world, by imagining if they look back at you through the "screen", and imagining their response.

This makes it seem like the guide would only work if the tulpa wasn't already sentient, when it should work fine regardless of how developed they are.


like refining a drawing or loading a video/JPEG

The JPEG quality analogy may make people think of nasty compression artifacts, rather than just low-detail pictures, which is probably not useful/intended.

Youtube video

Again, for some people this symbolism may mean too low-quality pictures.


That said, digital/LCD screens happen to be an excellent symbolism for "high quality" images in my imagination, and it seems to be a symbolism that works for a lot of people.


The rest of the guide reminds me somewhat of q2's imposition guide.

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Everyone is voting for guides so I'll vote for that too.

Not everyone likes symbolism but I think it is an exercise that some people will have some success with.

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