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Digital Screen Visualization


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This is a technique that I found helpful, and I think it'd help people whether they're good or not at visualization. Visualization can easily get really vivid for me, and this should be a good way for building up details. This should also work for lucid dreams. This involves your dreamworld, so just basically imagine yourself doing stuff in an imaginary place to start off with.


Imagine a huge computer/television screen in your dreamworld, possibly like a huge magical wall stretching off infinitely wide, or whatever comes most naturally. Imagine your Tulpa being drawn on the screen. This is normally easier than imagining them in "thin air", because it's more logical to see them in a "picture". Start with the most basic, low-quality picture you can think of, and gradually increase the quality by reading/thinking details "into" your tulpa, like refining a drawing or loading a video/JPEG, except knowing that you're downloading it from your dreamworld. This step is useful because it can start from practically 0 detail, and it can show visualization progress.


Gradually imagine them like a digital model in a 3D program, rotating either them or the "camera" of the screen. Imagine lighting, the way light wind would sway their hair/clothes, and their weight on the ground. Imagine them just being there, giving them a (pleasant) interesting environment.


Gradually imagine yourself importing sentience/AI into your tulpa in the "program", by imagining how they interact with their world, by imagining if they look back at you through the "screen", and imagining their response. If needed, have your information written in a list and read it "into" them like a programmer. Gradually increase the number of interactions they have with the world, situations and stuff they interact with. Throw in a pillow or something.


Focus on making it feel like an interactive Youtube video, gradually increasing quality. Focus on all the steps above, then eventually reach your arms and hands into the screen in your mind. It can be invisible or visible, but it needs to be "your" hands. If your tulpa lets you touch them, do so, feeling them from top to bottom, every part that isn't awkward/distracting to touch. They should be reacting to your touch. Then, ask them to touch your arms and hands. Feel their hands on your skin, how they react to your touch. This type of interaction is actually very useful, since it convinces your mind that there's actual touch, actual events going on. Try things like poking their nose, etc.


Once you get good with this, let the screen fade away, to where your whole body is a (possibly invisible) digital avatar in the same dreamworld level your tulpa is in. Interact with things the same ways your tulpa would, such as actually bending down to pick things up, in the presence of your tulpa. This will immerse you into the mindset that your tulpa is in, giving your mind information on how your tulpa thinks, since your tulpa will have to "imitate" your real world's physics when being imposed into it.


Then start putting them into reality that same way, since your mind will have learned how to "impose", and use real life situations instead of fictional ones. Hope this helps.


TLDR: Imagine a computer, imagine them into the screen, and start from there. Then start imagining them into reality the same way.

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My stuff is just random tips on what worked for me when I started. Portal physics might be hard to visualize/imagine perfectly, but it seems like a pretty great exercise.


Actually, for a while after playing Portal, I was trying to imagine how it would feel to make a portal that goes to a different-direction surface, and stick part of me through it. Apart from gravity changing directions, and the confusing-as-heck self-righting thing the game does, no physics are violated.


Forcing a portal gun in my wonderland is something that's been on my todo list for a while. There's been two issues stopping me from doing it:

  • Difficulty visualizing through a portal, especially if I or a tulpa creates a strange situation like one portal facing the other. This should work fine with a bit of practice.
  • Easy to fall a long way and hit the floor at high speeds. Chell has spring shoes and the self-righting mechanism that confuses me (and still regularly gets killed by flying weighted companion cubes). I have a seeming inability to imagine pain in my wonderland. My tulpae have neither of these. I'll probably go test it out myself for a bit and try to make the spring shoes work or develop something else, before giving Lyra the portal gun.



But yeah, sorry for the derail; if the Portal discussion continues, I'll probably move those posts to a new thread in GD.


This sounds like a good method. I would suggest getting the tulpa out of the computer screen a bit earlier in the forcing process so you can have more natural interaction. These days it's easy to imagine stuff just forming on a screen, whereas imagining it happening in an open space in front of you is harder if you haven't watched the right sort of movies.

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Wow, this is a bit of brilliance.


I'd noticed the screen phenomenon when my tulpa added a TV to the living room of our wonderland house. The TV is crystal clear to me, usually more vivid than a lot of the other elements of the wonderland. It either shows sports broadcasts (not my cup of tea, though), or twisted episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos featuring people being horribly maimed on camera. Eerie.


I never thought to project my tulpa onto the screen before, but already it's working its magic. Even though I'd worked to the point of being able to see her in great detail, it's a lot more effortless now. This should speed things along nicely.

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Haha, I didn't notice the thread was necro'd until you mentioned it, but if it hadn't been raised from the dead, chances are I never would have seen it. Good stuff! :D

"You've got to believe to achieve." -Hank Hill

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This is pretty heavy in ~~symbolism~~, but when you actually strip it all away, it still has some very helpful stuff in there. And the symbolism could be counted as some helpful tips to try for those struggling.


Imgine them in a picture first in your mind. That probably is easier for many, so a solid tip. Start with low quality and work up, training your visualization skills. Imgine them as if it was a 3D program next (a comparison) and move the camera around, zoom in and check lighting stuff and everything. Then allow them to move and I think that might be a method of forcing tuppers or maybe parroting, I'm not entirely sure if imagining is actually making them do stuff or just imagining how they might do something, which would be one way of doing your average non-parroting personality forcing. Throw more stuff for them to interract with, starting with few objects to help with your possibly poor visualization skills I assume.


And then you start doing more visualization with them really moving around a lot more, starting with low quality like before and working up. Then you get to work on other senses and doing stuff together with them in the wonderland instead of just observing. And the real world, if you wish to impose. That's what I get when I strip away the symbolism and it's good stuff in my eyes. A solid method with easy to follow steps, though I do have that one question. Maybe it's up for the reader to decide what would be the better option.


I'd approve this.

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