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Is my Tulpa sentient or not, or did i do something wrong in the process?

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Hi, About a week ago i started making a Tulpa but now i have the issue that he talks to me now but he dosen't really have opinions / thoughts. Did i do something wrong, or am i missing something?


P.S englisch is not my first language, i'm sorry if this text dosent make any sense

Thanks for Reading

   - einfachzocken

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Nope you did nothing wrong. Very young tulpa's can sometimes be neutral on opinions. Or sometimes form opinions from their hosts. Its different.

Tulpamancing is a very personal journey. I wish you guys a happy life!

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16 hours ago, comfortablebig said:

Or sometimes form opinions from their hosts.

Yeah, this. You'll notice that early on they'll tend to adopt certain facets of your selfhood, but it's just because they're using it as a jumping-off point to communicate from. If you keep interactions consistent, their own stream of consciousness will become more fleshed-out the same way somebody's personality is developed through their life experiences.


Rest assured that your situation is a sign you're on the right track. Keep up the good work, man

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