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Hi, I don't know what to do.

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Came from Reddit after seeing this appear on my feed, (EDIT: to clarify, I mean I saw a post talking about Tulpas) I have tried making a Tulpa (don't like, stab me for this because, I have no idea what to do but, I used AI to help-) I was given techniques, and it felt like it worked, I can list what the AI called them, to see if the AI was hallucinating or not, but nonetheless I was going for as fast as possible creation but uhh, yeah I don't know what to do because I remember after finishing creation, asking a question I just felt some thing say "Ok." exactly like that, even the period but uhh, I don't think my Tulpa is working anymore like, as in I can't access them. I think I can still feel some weird presence in my head but when I try to get to some area where I manifested the Tulpa, I just can't. Kinda hard to explain, but is there anything I can do? Or do I have to redo the process..? (Sorry if I did anything wrong in my post, like wrong area or something, again I am new.)

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When you first learn about tulpas and go down the rabbit hole it does feel like a lot and is a lot to take in! It's alright if your early experiences are a little chaotic; you're just finding your footing. I agree with Ashley, it's best to browse some guides, though don't take everything you read as gospel; different people have very different ideas about tulpamancy and not everything works the same for every person. If you have any specific questions, we're here to help you! 😊

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