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Detailed Creation Guide


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Are you guys honestly going to approve of a guide with such an old-fashioned personality section?


The biggest part of what defines a tulpa is personality, and as it is the most important part of the creation process, we will be covering it first.

As a last note on this section, it is important to remember that it doesn't matter what traits your force, or how many traits you chose to do so with, you cannot get something from nothing. Skipping this step will most likely prolong the creation process past what it could be if you had forced personality. (NOTE: tulpae have been know to sort of spontaneously appear, although such cases seem to be isolated in nature.)


Bolds mine. The other guide at least makes sure that they are just his opinions and that you can do whatever. Also this guide has some odd DON'T DO HOUR COUNTS stuff without really explaining why.


Dead links, the five big personality traits and their explanations, Phi's open-eyed visualization. Those should be removed because dead links are annoying to readers and there's always the whole "tulpae" thing that should probably be changed to tulpas.


Anyways, I think this guide is a bit too old-fashioned, something we have moved away from as a community. Some claims are very bold, something which was fixed in Teryakywind's (I have been reading that as teriyakiwind this entire time, huh) newer guide. I dunno if they want their two rather conflicting guides to be both approved, but I don't think I'm approving this one. Really, the only thing I could say that you can improve in this one is "make it more like the new one" and well, that's pretty silly seeing that the new guide already exists and is approved and is just... Plain better. Is there a reason to try to save this one as well?

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Fine, in the meantime I'll review it like a real guide.


Actually, there isn't much here that's original. There are a lot of links to other guides, some of which are dead, and this means that the only possibly original sections are 'Wonderland' and 'Form'. But these sections aren't original either; the same thing is said in countless other guides and as far as I can see there isn't really anything new.


Hell, that'd be a disapproval on redundancy alone but this is an old guide, like Sands said. Once again I can't assume that the writer is talking about outdated methods deliberately, since the last edit was 15 months ago. Not only does the guide insist on personality, as Sands pointed out, but it's even missing a section on narration and similar - which is odd because it was a staple of all non-parroty guides when this was written. In fact, Teryakwind makes no mention of anything of the sort, but does say that this guide is a WIP, which leads me to the conclusion that there was intended to be such a section later on.


So yeah, I'll disapprove it for those reasons.

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