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glitchthe3rd's Servitor Workshop


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Do you think it would be possible to make a servitor that can do something similar to downloading, and "Download" servitors from people willing to transmit that data?


also what if the language we're using is an adaptation of Scratch VM?

I used to use Scratch.mit.edu when I was in 4th grade and then in 7th I converted it over to a text format I could write my code in.


I also know HTML and some Javascript too which I can use for this.

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How exactly does coding in an a alarm to wake up to work? I understand the code context of it; I'm talking about actually having it run to wake you up.

Also, is there a way to better train/tune a mental clock?

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I wouldn't really know anything about that, but I'd imagine that honing one's mental clock would be as easy as keeping a pocket watch on you (or maybe just a cell phone) and trying to guess what time it is, then checking yourself against said timekeeping device. If you practice that enough, you should be able to predict the time with better precision.

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I find the way that you program your servitors very interesting. Among other circles, programming has commonly been used as the word to describe how to make things like servs and constructs do what you want, but it seems like you took a more literal approach with actual programming language. Neat.

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So wait... Are you TELLING them the programming code, or are you mystically opening their heads and typing into their little servitor brains? Because this sounds awesome. Seriously, having a pseudo-tulpa/HUD would be so awesome, words do not express the sheer weight of said awesome.

But I still don't get the whole 'programming' thing.

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