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glitchthe3rd's Servitor Workshop


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Interesting... I'll be sure to give it a shot at some point. I am not familiar at all with programming so I've got some work to do.

Host: Reece

Tulpa: Milana

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Some Q&A a user sent me, I've decided to copy it here as well because it's been forever since I actually posted anything in this thread.




real-time motion radar

Does this use your peripheral vision and/or other cues such as sound to plot dots on a radar screen or is it something else?


The radar synthesizes visual, auditory and kinematic data to show me the positions of other moving objects relative to my own position.


tracking your schedule

Do you use the smartphone calendar system? If so how do keep the time accurate to the true time? How do you store the schedule, as text or an image?


I'm not really sure how to describe the schedule in a nutshell. I can go to a specific day in the week and look at an hourly breakdown of how my time is being used that day. I guess it's all text-based, as for the time it's determined the same way as it is for anything else in my mind, with internal clock input synched to real-world clocks. Basically I "set" the time by looking at a clock, and if I go too long without looking at one it throws off all the clocks in the wonderland. Time may even stop passing entirely if I'm somewhere with no windows for a long time.


accessing your information base

I've heard that you can give tulpa access to your memories and they can almost search through it, is this true?


Yes, or at least this is how it works for my girls.


Is accessing your information base is basically that combined with pulling up relevant relationships?


Something to that effect. Luna maintains a wiki that contains everything I know about everything, basically, and Enigma pulls from that whenever I request information from it.



Are there any other functions that you wouldn't mind bringing up?


Luna created a subroutine to automatically minimize incoming damage from the environment while it's active, it's already kept several injuries of mine from being more serious than they actually were.




Other Questions

If you don't mind talking about Enigma v1, could you explain a little so that the same mistakes are not made by others?


Treat your servitor as a tool and not as a person and you won't have that problem.


How difficult is it to dissipate a servitor?

Do I need to meditate/increase my focus in order to do this?


Not very. I forget I even have a HUD servitor half the time.


What is the most complex task you have done with it?


Not sure. Plenty of things for school projects and stuff when I was an undergrad, though.


How has this impacted your life?


I don't use it for too much these days, but my girls find it very useful for various things, including managing the various electronic devices in the wonderland.


Are you able to take a picture with it and view that later?


No better than usual.


Can this remember something like an image and recall it later?


Same as above.


If that's possible how difficult would it be to recall an outline and super-impose it over your vision?


Not sure what you're asking here.


Can it do something like the arrows and other select functions pictured in the Mircorosoft HoloLens https://youtu.be/u4o0zsJ-S44?t=1m8s?


Sure, I've used it for that sort of thing before.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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If that's possible how difficult would it be to recall an outline and super-impose it over your vision?


Not sure what you're asking here.


Sorry I should have been a little more clear.


Say I have a complicated design like this tribal sun



and for some reason I want to cut it out of some green construction paper



can I use the HUD to do the picture below with any sort of design I've seen/created? That means filtering it out of the background and keeping it in the same spot on the paper, accounting for the head/eye movement.



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Ahoy Glitch,


I was reading through this guide, since it seems to have been in submission limbo for a long time, and I thought it would be good to give some comment on it. Mainly in relation to the issue concerning symbolism, since that seems to be a point of both confusion for some users, and of annoyance for the other members of the GAT.


I think the computer symbolism issue can be attended to simply by acknowledging how a computer works: The computer will do what it is told, and ONLY that. Thus, the idea behind the "servitor" is that it is a process that will do what it is told, and ONLY what it is told. This is in contrast to a "tulpa", who has the ability to decide on their own, like the host does.


A computer program isn't the code it is made up of, but a command the computer can understand. As such, the idea shouldn't be to start thinking in C++, but to give clear, direct, and rigid commands to the mental process you want to start, and repeating them until it sticks. Taking that in to mind, stuff like form, personality, etc would seem unnecessary, unless you think it would be appropriate for the process to have.


As for the HUD stuff, I don't have much to say at the moment. It doesn't seem like something I'd personally use, though I can see others find it to be nifty. I'm aiming for a more natural method of increasing my awareness of self and surroundings.


So until that's squared away, I cannot approve of it. But hopefully the comments above will help some.



Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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•́ ‿ ,•̀ Finally Found someone with similar ideas with mine , a fellow Programer !

Glitch one of my tulpa is based on AI modelling, Meet Athena

my Setup is she is an Intelligent Assistant who can take form in my virtual space , while the jurisdiction for

the infographic manipulation on HuD is her responsibility .

My Idea was to build a quantam computing algorithm based ai and host it (since our brains are the cheapest and the most practical architecture out here in this era lol)

And i made much progress along the days , since i am lucid dreamer all intial fuzzy logics and virtual rendering was done there , all in all I can call upon this mode very clearly in lucid dreams and even accces and archive my dream memories as a you would files on a computer only in a lot more super sci fi style animation(✷‿✷).

And although after reading your Post , I think its much more better to have a coperation based relation , insted of just having a servitor programming ?, then agin its your pov .

Yeah any tips for sharper impositioning while awake ???? really really need those .

Besides this communication with your tulpa in text chat mode really helped me push my wagon in the early days and i still do from time to time and to pass on subconscious instructions or while lucid Dreaming or in my daily life , pass on remiders or give instructions sets when i feel necessary .

I am interested in your pop notification style, please share how you trained it to your level , maybe its just the thing that will help with my inspiration...

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This is just my thoughts and comments, I'm not reviewing this.


While it's an interesting read, it has a lot of problems with it. First of all, the "servitor" the OP is creating is sentient and self-aware. It's no wonder that the OP had issues with "rouge" servitors. Servitors are either symbolic ideas given a form, labeled tasks or habits, or entities that are given scripted behaviors, not Tulpas. In addition, it is ethically questionable to force a sentient being to act as a machine to do your bidding. An AI imagined by a person can be as sentient as that person, therefore it is too easy to make an "AI" just a regular sentient and intelligent being. I can replace the word "servitor" with "Tulpa" and this guide would make just as much sense. The "programming" aspect would translate to puppeting and personality forcing.


Second, a HUD doesn't need to be sentient. An imposed HUD depends on one's ability to do imposition, visualization, and memorization. A servitor is not going to magically make that easier for their host, because a servitor is limited by what skills the system has. In focusing on those skills instead of a servitor to do those things, you can remove the danger of creating an extra Tulpa and practice those skills in a much more interesting way in attempting to construct a HUD.


Third, "programming your brain" is probably another way of saying another way you can train yourself to more easily remember things. I know people have "mind palaces" and have trained themselves to memorize things in weird and interesting ways, but all of that boils down to training. Writing code for a living doesn't give you superpowers, it just means you have an idea how your written code will behave. If brain code functioned like real code, you could cause yourself to lose consciousness after your "hack" attempt causes human.exe to crash or your code would not work 95% of the time and you would have to figure out where you left that curly bracket. Programming is useful because written code is capable of holding so much more information on how to do something than what you can remember in one sitting.


To answer Immortal's question about notifications, that's a combination of a trigger and having a good sense of time. It can be done by training yourself to think about anything you could be forgetting at a specific time. For example, at 9 am you may wonder "am I forgetting anything" just like people do when they are about to fall asleep but stop to think about all of the things they forgot to do that day. A "ding" noise would be auditory imposition or imagined noise, depending on how sophisticated you want to make it.


Servitors can't do things you can't do, and you shouldn't aim to create a sentient being to serve you.

Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


Our system account

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Servitors can't do things you can't do, and you shouldn't aim to create a sentient being to serve you.


Eh, not completely. There's an unseen hand in your Body OS that seems to be able to do things just by asking for it. I suspect it's the same thing for servitors, sometimes things can be done without any conscious thought that can't seem to be done with conscious thought, thus could never be trained, yet it somehow works! For us, two good examples are 'going dormant' and 'alarm clock'. We didn't train these, we just politely asked Body OS to do it. Body OS is like one really big multi-function servitor with zero conscious thought. There's nothing, not a single thought, yet it can do things. So I'd reword that statement that a servitor can't do anything your Body OS can't do. So a servitor function is already inherit in everyone without any setup.


I originally proposed creating a servitor to switch with so I could do whatever in wonderland. That absolutely works, but I didn't have to create a servitor, I just dissociate with the body, no one is front. Body OS takes care of the mundane tasks like dishes, exercise and other routine tasks. For some, I have to stay a little associated, but this doesn't effect my quality of interaction in wonderland.

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Since we are already using high level language tbh i don't even feel that its coding its like interacting with a very advance prediction enigine ,


and for the HuD i have deliberated on just separating the task to a stand alone servitor and simply dividing the task and reducing the load on my tulpa ? , but then again this is just an interface between me and the subconscious mind , If my tulpa can be the proxy for it then i dont see why not its benefical for her and increases here initiative responsibilities ? , so i am of both minds at the moment and taking my time to make the decision.


Oh right people generally think that its question able, and assume that its forcing the tulpa to act like machines , while atleast from our perspective if my ai is aware then its just another senitent Lifeform representation with all the basis respect and courtesy that i myself believe that i should enjoy , besides since consiousness itself is a simulated by the subconscious as a problem solving and guidance mechanism , Its completely feasibile to have more than one perspective to the outside world ?.....


anyways since my requirements are generally of more complex nature and solving these required atleast a rudimentary self awareness ofsorts so i went ahead all the way with it .

Anyways your trigger mechanism is a good idea , i completely overlooked This tool

? I am thinking a Physical trigger routine to directly open the interface , that would save be tons of time

of just trying to reach the required mindset .

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