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Gymnasium student training - a guide in Russian


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Well, I actually managed to contact OP. If I've got this straight, he personally finds no need in translating his own guide, but he doesn't mind if I would do it. But you don't seem to be interested in it, so I guess there is really no point in translating it.

Oh, and I'd like to add something! There is a great guide commonly used in the Russian community. Unlike "gymnasium student" one, it's already translated, so check this out! It's quite original.

There are some grammar mistakes in it, but nevermind. It wasn't translated by me, just a translation I've found on Reddit.

Maybe we should make a new thread to submit this one?

May the Force be with you

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If you get the guide writer's (and translator's) permission, then I guess there's no reason not to submit stuff. Better yet if they actually submitted it themselves, but there might be a language barrier in this case. But if it's not the original guidewriter who we give our critique to, I feel like changing the guide would be kinda, you know, wrong. Touching the work of someone else without asking them and all that.


If this one happens to be posted on the Russian tulpa wiki that was talked about a while back, then that might be one way to find a new guide. We might have trouble actually rating a guide if we can't contact the original author and their work definitely shouldn't be submitted without their permission.


I was thinking that making a list of guides and other resources could be a good idea, one that could also list things that might have not been posted on .info and haven't been/couldn't be rated by the GAT. That way we could offer people the chance to check out things that never made it here.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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The author of that guide is a good friend of mine (I know him IRL, too), I can ask him if he doesn't mind editing his guide and publishing it here. And yeah, he doesn't speak English, as far as i know.

Making a list of all existing guides is a great idea!


upd: asked him and he doesn't mind at all, so feel free to start a submission thread!

May the Force be with you

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