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Jabre's Tulpa Creation Guide


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Issues as I see them, pardoning the formatting:


Red and purple are terrible text colors.

Intro has questionable facts

Superimposition does not mean what you think it does; and redefining terminology is useless

Cons section is longer than pros

Cons section simply urges responsibility

Average amount of time is based on personal opinion

Myths section does little to dispel frontloading

Visualization section has very little to do with visualization and encourages dissociation rather than visualization itself.

Stop using the word superimposed.

“There is no such thing as the subconscious, simply refer to it as the unconscious and it does exist”

“To make your tulpa sentient (alive and conscious), then simply talk to it.”

Wonderland volcano comment is extremely off-the-wall

Portal gun is personal symbolism

Super/Imposition section is poorly written and explained

Switching section is entirely too short, and written by one who has not switched. I recommend fully removing it.

Bringing up killing a tulpa should never be brought up in a basic guide, ever.

Conclusion section should be removed.


Completely and Utterly Disapproved.

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Blank vote, Guides.


This is a general-purpose guide, it seems to be written mostly from the author's perspective/beliefs/knowledge.

I suppose major issue with it is that a lot of the claims in the guide don't have enough evidence for them, even if some of them are quite plausible, but such is the case with a lot of psychology.

Some of the claims may be a bit too strong, for example, the stuff about narration headaches, or the requirements of using certain symbolism (such as about vocal chords and brains or the symbolism about using a 'persona sphere).

A good deal of the meat of the guide which covers the actual process can be found in other guides, although there's some original techniques here and there too.

I could mention every tiny claim that would either need more clarification or to be rewritten with less authoritarian language, but I won't as it will take too long (unless the author insists that I do this - and the author hasn't been here since 06-19-2013, or about a month and a half after the guide was posted).


Still, I'll mention a few tiny details just for the sake of it: most of the claims about multiplicity don't really cover real-world cases of it - and there's plenty of cases of co-conscious alters (and it's almost always the case during/after therapy), thus the claim that they can't function simultaneously is only true in the more extreme cases - and the claim that they can't impose is also false - it's just even more rare.

The personality section is also somewhat lackluster, while the form section may be a bit too over-specified.

The sentience and parallel processing sections could be tied in together - I still think the original guides did it a bit better by having people work on independence right away, rather than leaving it as something to do on the side through "exercises".

The possession section has one interesting idea about distraction/inner focus being useful from the host's perspective.

The switching section is incomplete and seems to be a bit of a mix/summary of Fuliam's and BlackStatic's ideas.

The death section makes some questionable claims.


I could probably write a far longer post discussing each specific claim, but the author may not be around and it would be far too lengthy a thing to write.


To conclude, the guide has some interesting parts here and there, but the author should probably add a disclaimer that these are his opinions/beliefs and that the process is personal and the guide should be taken with a grain of salt. Without that, I'll be keeping this mostly as a blank vote.

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I disapprove.


Jabre says a lot of weird things in here. I'll list a few "I want to know why you're saying this" moments:

[Tulpas] are formed from a single psychological process called dissociation

It can be done anywhere from 10-150 hours, although the average seems to be 30-70 hours

He/she will experience life from this POV because of pre-conscious memory and unconscious sensory processing (the host unconsciously processes his POV to make his tulpa’s POV).

It is very important to put vocal chords and a brain in him or her. This symbolism will help with sentience and speech later on.

And so on.


I have to object to the whole visualisation section; it seems extraordinarily overcomplicated. There's a lot of pure symbolism for instruction, like in the personality, form and imposition sections. The speech section is weird. Parallel processing is just the black box thing.


To sum up, Jabre gives a lot of what seems to be unfounded opinions, and his instruction is either not unique or purely symbolic; in many cases both.

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