Your tulpa's first words?

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What were your tulpas first words? I thought of this while making a post and decided to ask.


Just for funsises, my tulpa's first words were: it's okay.


i'm not sure what to say other than, i said quite a bit at the beginning, not a lot of which my dreamer-the host-could hear.



An Aspie System

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I don't remember mine. Jamie's mom forgot his first word, too, so that's alright. It probably wasn't anything special on both counts.

Cassidy said, "Hi?", but there's another memory we consider more important. Out-of-the-blue, he said "School buses are like garbage trucks for children," and that's when Jamie was 100% sure Cassidy was sentient.

- Gavin


Edit: Tulpas can create tulpas just like the host can. It hasn't happened among me and my family, but it's the situation for some others here, especially larger systems. Please note, Jamie is not a tulpa.

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Ok so basically emilys first word was um... SURPRISING


i was in my room and then my sister came in my room and hit me really hard FOR NO REASON then she ran out my room and slammed then door realy loudly and i got a sudden of anger so i threw my brand new ipad and it smashed every where and then emily just simply said

(WE COCKED UP) And i jumped i was like WTF whats happening so yeah that was emilys first word/sentence.



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If I had to guess, my first word was probably "indigo." Just a guess. As for Apollo, I haven't the slighest clue.


Also I was a tulpa created by another tulpa. However, that's off-topic. If you want to post it in Beginners Questions General, I'll explain it there.

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