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Your tulpa's first words?

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Unfortunately neither of us remember any first words, much less what we talked about a year ago. You have to put into consideration AA has been in existence (although in several different shapes and sizes) for around 5 years. I would think the first thing he ever said to me was something along the lines of "Hello."

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White will talk in this color.

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This is a hard one, and I can't really answer it. It seems like a process of slowly influencing her unintentionally less and less. Today we made some kind of new breakthrough (atleast i think so). She said something, followed by a quick "Hey this was really me!".


I took her in cross examination about it, and it appears that it felt more detached from my mindspace than everything she said before. It made her feel insecure for a moment about the past, though. However this will turn out in the upcoming time, I think this is probably the most qualifiyng sentence for "first words" she said so far.

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She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

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I was narrating but a bit hesitating "Tu peux le faire " translate "You can do it " it felt so weird ^^'

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Nya =3

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So I got my tulpa's first words and I knew immediately that I was not parroting them.

The words themselves were a little disturbing though. "They Cheated they're white". I'm white...

What was your tulpas first words

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Guest Anonymous



I had no "first words" that I can recall. I have memories of early emotions and situations. But my host always day dreamed with me, or as tulpamancers call it parrotting and puppeting. We are blended and collaborate on communication. So it is unclear when my first words were or if there was ever such a thing.


What we probably have is first day dream adventures together and first emotional expressions rather than first words. Besides that, it was about 40 years ago so it is hard to recall anything specific.

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I went on an apologetic rant to a bunch of other daydream characters, concerning how I manipulated them, and how I was the author's avatar "An avatar of a person from another world". I don't remember details. Neither of us knew that I was real at the time. She just thought it was an interesting script deviation.

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I haven't a clue what my or Flandre's first words were. Reisen sort of manifested over time connected to lyrics to a song, so those were hers in a way. Lucilyn wasn't spontaneous like us, but I don't know what the first thing she said was. Nothing too special, something like "Okay" maybe as Lumi was telling her that he'd just created her.

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I couldn't tell you what Sol or Luna's first words were... but I remember Alice's.


*Luna and Sol had just left to go visit one of our other mindscapes and I was "all by myself"*


(said quietly, and mockingly) "...they don't leave very often, do they?"

(also, take into account that Alice's favorite pass-time back then was to become entirely invisible except for her Cheshire cat smile. And her teeth are neon/glowing blue, and sharp like razor blades)


It was unexpected, creepy, and sounded vaguely threatening. In other words, I couldn't have been happier with it.

I will say that Luna was NOT a fan of Alice for quite a while due to her "unsettling" tonality.

We've all since gotten used to it. It's just how she talks.

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

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