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Meditation Exercise


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I wanted to share mine and Nash meditation exercise, this exercise is great for many reasons such as:

- Improve hearing your tulpas voice

- Practice visualization

- Reduces stress

- Practice your focus

- Because it's fun!


You can do this when your tulpa can speak and think by itself because it's your tulpa who's gonna lead a guided meditation with it's own imagination and voice, your tulpa will decide what you see around you and what you experience in there.

The tulpa starts the relaxation in the beginning to make you feel fully relaxed, it could be like your tulpa tells you that you are on a meadow, feeling the grass and sunshine for example, if you have your own relaxing method that is ok too.


When you are relaxed your tulpa will proceed with the mediation using it's imagination, telling you what's around you, are there creatures or trees, perhaps a garden or maybe your inside a volcano because why not, your tulpa tells you where to go and what objects/buildings to approach.

You will never know what you will experience or see, their imagination might be different from your own.

Meditation can sometimes feel very real and is also a great way to meet your fears before you face them in real life.

If you have listened to a recorded guided meditation before it might be easier for your tulpa to understand how it works.

**Proud to be a drug free thoughtform!**

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I've been trying to respond to this for a day now. I think what I'm having trouble with is that I don't feel like I'm really qualified to review this. I mean I've done this, or at least tried to, on several occasions. I can do meditation -- like sitting and breathing and stuff -- but hypnosis and guided meditation just don't seem to work for me. So I can't really say anything about this, because although I've tried it, it's still outside my experience. I'm going to have to leave it to the rest of the GAT, at least for now.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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I haven't done as much guided meditation nor hypnosis either for a while now. But I feel that whatever label is put right before "meditation" seems to be general concepts stated, albeit in a different syntax and what have you. In other words, it's just stated differently when the rudiments are the same. In my opinion, if you can grind out a bit more detail to see what specifically about the meditation can make it worthwhile in one's forcing endeavors, I could see this as a Tips & Tricks.


I'm not really militant on being anti-symbolism since the concept itself deserves a nice discussion in the future of certain negative dogmas towards it (which may end up in hilarious realizations of how people undermine their own sentience, and how they define symbols and such), but the submission seems to revolve around the tulpa telling the host what's going on. Which may imply some foundation of mind-voice interaction, or whatever auditory aspect to have them express what's going on, especially in an almost instantaneous motion. Because if the forcing endeavor was contingent on how quick one's tulpa can describe what's going on without the host feeling predisposed in sensing things more than just through one sense alone, we may have some people that want to work on their tulpa's voice before they enjoy that ride of natural flow of thoughts and awareness of a tulpa's presumed subjective experience in being able to express their imagination which may just be a shared imagination, albeit through an implied and differentiated lens of perspective.


I could see the submission being a supplement towards other visualization guides that may have one tapping into more senses, but in terms of exercises, it would be nice to see different circumstances to give a little more variety, if possible.


So as the submission stands, I'll have to disapprove.

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Considering the nature of already approved tips and tricks stuff (I feel that's the group where this would most likely go), "have your tupper tell you what to visualize during a meditative state" might be a simple and even obvious tip, but some tips just are like that. I think my main concern is does this get repeated in some other submission? The idea is not unique, we have meditation stuff and narrating to help with visualization, but having the tulpa do it instead of the host or some other person might be a new idea? This could be a way to just spend some time with the tupper and just have them talk while you try to listen. I'm not even sure if the meditation aspect is required, so the title feels like a missed opportunity. On the title, I'd concentrate more on listening to the tupper but say in the actual text that you could also do some meditation with it if it helps you. This is what I feel would serve this tip the best, focusing on the speaking aspect with visualization instead of meditation.


Oh, and you have written it's instead of its in a couple of places, "with it's own imagination" and "mediation using it's imagination".

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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using it's imagination -> its


approved for tips; I've seen this sort of thing before but I dont know if it was typed out even as "fully" as this one is so this probably deserves a spot there.

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