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Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy


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Tewi, did you read the original guide, or are you just taking Sands' word that I did that?


No, as I said in the end of my post, I was only commenting on Sands' reply and to what he was replying to. As in I viewed literally only his (entire) post, quotes and all. I'm much too short on time right now to read the whole thing unfortunately, every minute I'm awake once I'm home is a minute off my maximum 8 hours of sleep.


For example this. Is a direct refutation of what I wrote in the guide. The obvious question is why you would say the opposite of what I say in the guide but fail to address the supporting evidence I put behind it.


I was just answering your possibly rhetorical question as to whether there were multiple subconscious minds with my own view. If I'm not mistaken, at least from what I saw in Sands' reply, you didn't make a claim but asked which might be the case. I'm not wrong though, at best this depends on how you define "subconscious mind" which.. is apparently hard to agree upon. To me the subconscious "mind" is everything that is not conscious. It's not an entity. The sections of your subconscious mind used by your tulpas as theirs can't be "more minds", just possibly strongly organized sections of the whole.


But if you define "subconscious mind" otherwise suddenly that's not all right. But to be honest I don't care about this "subconscious" debating in the first place, was just throwing my two cents in.



Basically, because I have little time, I was commenting on the matters Sands chose to comment on. Figured that'd cover some important bases, I dunno.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Relevant? Not really because I'm completely tired of that discussion as I very clearly stated at the end of the last thread. Its relevance, and appropriateness for discussion disappeared somewhere around post fifty of the last thread.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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I've moved this to Guides. Reason: this is such a big piece that 'approval' in the classical sense will never happen, realistically. I think this is mostly good, and further nitpicks, if anyone has the appetite for them, can happen post facto.

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POLL CLOSED: resuts: 4 staggered right, 6 justified.


Note to translators: Give me your gmail so I can add you to the document's suggestor list. From there, you can see revision history and make comments on parts of the document that are tricky to translate.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Holy crap, just what I needed for my procrastination period! Going to give some of this a read, thanks for making :)

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Update 3.4. This Update mainly adds a couple exercises to the possession chapter, a section on multiple tulpas wedged into the voice chapter, a section on body OS also in possession chapter.


I did some research on the word yi-dam, but it went in a circle, so I didn't make much of a change based on this. There really seems to be almost no connection between Buddhism and tulpamancy.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Very nice guide. Thank you very much :)


I actually work on a french traduction, with your permission of course (don't remember if I've already asked to you).

Host : Polus

Now hosting : Ambre


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Someone did. Also, Thanks!


Note to translators: Give me your Gmail so I can add you to the document's suggester list. From there, you can see revision history and make comments on parts of the document that are tricky to translate.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Hey tulpa001, nice guide!

I've been into tulpamancy for almost 2 month now,  and i have made some progress! my tulpa (Aya) was sentient like the 2nd day. i am able to "feel" what she says but it is not yet clear and loud words. just like feelings that are un-worded (if thats the term). for some reason she wanted to feel my body (possession?) so i have let her quiet a few times. she seems to like it. i dont think i have unclear things at the moment, as far as i understand, i have to keep forcing until i get to the point i(and she) want. i mostly do narrating any time of the day or when i am taking a shower (passively?), and rarely i get to meditate on her. i dont find meditation too useful and/or cant do it effectively yet. 

i do a lot of astrology work, spiritual things, tarot, wicca and all that. she seems to be getting a little bit of a Leo's personality (she was born/i started it all in Leo's month, July). I dont know how zodiac signs and tulpa works but she seems to be pretty much a leo. even thou i thought she would be a cancer since the had a Cancer moon and felt very like it. 

well, thats all information i have now, ask me for any other details and i will be happy to tell you! thanks for the guide, really!

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      By Apollo Fire
      Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality
      This guide was written to cover the beginning stages of tulpamancy from creation to vocalization in a way that's useful and comprehensible to someone new to the concept, detailing general guidelines, tips, explanations, and other practical information to help someone beginning their tulpa journey.
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      English Changelog:
      July 12th, 2013:
      Revised some paragraphs Added "Why Not to Create a tulpa" Added "Emotional Responses" Added "Head Pressure" Added "Creating a Tulpa of an Existing Character, or person" Added "Switching" Added "Forcing Should not be a chore" September 21st, 2013:
      Corrected grammar errors Revised some sections Added "Your Tulpa Should be a Tulpa First, and a Form Second" August 7th, 2016:
      Corrected errors and added slight clarifications throughout August 9th, 2017:
      Pointed link for Oguigi's & Koomer's possession guide to Wayback archive. November 15th, 2020:
      Made it look less disgusting Also removed the table of contents at the top, because apparently Google docs has that built-in now.  
      French Changelog:
      July 27th, 2013:
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      French Version:
      dragonclaw has kindly taken much time to translate this entire guide into French. Currently, this version contains all sections that can be found in the original English version, but lacks the revisions done to other sections in the past.
      Italian Version:
      This version, translated by the user "dreamy" (you'll always be noobdreamer to me) should currently be up-to-date, besides the most recent English update.
      Russian Version:
      This version of the guide was recently translated by the user Leopold, of his own accord. Much thanks to him for the hard work.
      For all the non-English versions of the guide, note the date of creation in comparison to the latest update of the English version. I will not tell you every time one of the versions is not completely up to date. You can figure that out yourself. If it was not up-to-date when it was posted, I will let you know as I did the French version.
      For those of you who want to translate this guide:
      At least not yet. I should have made serious note of this earlier, but I intend to do some major revisions to this guide, such that any translation done now would be severely outdated by the time I'm finished.
      On top of that, there is also a possibility that this guide may be taken down altogether.
      As always, let me know what you think, and if there are any sections you'd like to see added.
      It's worth noting that I still plan to reword/revise some of the paragraphs. I feel like I didn't get my point across as eloquently as possible. But until then, make do with my rough-draft wording.
    • Amadeus
      By Amadeus
      A little while back I was tasked with writing a general overview to tulpae and creation.  The idea was to have an up-to-date general guide that didn't push things like hour counts on new users, talked about different methods, and other such things. 
      Took me about a good number of hours in front of a public computer, but I got a draft finished. 
      So, here it is.  The Word file I typed up originally, and a .txt for people who the Word file doesn't work for. 
      Input would be fantastic.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.
      Latest version.
      Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1.docx
      Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1.txt
    • madrezaan
      By madrezaan
      For those who understands Russian, there's a guide describing so called "gymnasium student" method of tulpa creation.
      Working link: here
      The main idea is to treat tulpa as your own student in gymnasium. Then to organize all stuff, she got to learn/practice, in 3 levels: grade, disciplines for each grade and topics for each discipline. The whole tulpa's training process is considering as a "game of school", with tests, exams and score system. It is necessary for the tulpa to pass a test in every topic, and to pass exam in every discipline to make a progress. Introduced score system takes a role of feedback, which allows you to put extra flexibility to estimated hours per each topic and discipline.
      Also, an attempt to completely rid off "slaveholder" terminology of "forcing", "host" etc. Instead of that, all process is describing in positive terms of "learning", "teacher" and so on.
      Full English translation is possibly to come in future.
    • Sungazer
      By Sungazer
      (I'm new to this forum so I apologize for anything I'm doing wrong)
      When I was around 7 I created myself an imaginary friend out of spite for my mother (NOTE: my mother is a good person and I know spite is a horrible reason to create a tulpa, but I was a kid and barely knew anything). But instead of making a regular imaginary friend, I took my inner voice of common sense and decided to make that my imaginary friend. I gave her a small personality, called her Sarah, and imagined that she lived inside a Pekingese figurine by my bedstand. For the next week or so I would carry that figurine around, and instead of listening to my mother I would ask the statue, "What should I do, Sarah?" I'll then imagine Sarah telling me what the most common-sense-ish (for lack of a better word) thing to do was. After a while I stopped carrying the statue, but Sarah would continue to talk to me.
      Once I reached puberty, I still had Sarah, and like many other imaginary friends who exist for that long, she began to develop some kind of sentience. Instead of only saying what I wanted to hear, she would openly challenge what I was doing if it wasn't the wisest decision. She would instigate conversation independently, comment on others, etc. She even changed her name to Anielka. When I finally learned what tulpas were years later, I realized she fit the definition for a tulpa and/or shard. (I learned that a shard is a sentient consciousness made from your own personality, like how Anielka was made out of my common sense, but I may be wrong).
      Onto the question: Despite the fact that she still has a bit of difficulty speaking in certain areas, when it comes to helping me make a good decision she is incredibly vocal. But sometimes, if I myself think of something common-sense-ish or wise, it'll start off with my mindvoice and my words, but by the end it's entirely Anielka's. Similarly, sometimes when she thinks of something off-topic, it'll start off in her voice and end in mine. I won't be able to tell if I said it, or Anielka (she doesn't know either). I heard of the term "blending" in a couple plurality communities and I think that is the best description of what's happening. But unlike when others describe blending, it's often triggered by an event, but mine happen randomly and quite frequently. It's not frightening in any way, just a little unnerving that most of my own thoughts on the matter somehow turn into hers.
      Is this something I should worry about? Or is it just the nature of a shard, which was formed out of me instead of by me, to do this? Am I mistaking my own thoughts for a tulpa?
      A bit of information if it helps answer the question:
      - I've been diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and have a pending diagnosis on ADHD. BDD has intrusive, terrifying thoughts that cause me to worry about how I look obsessively (even if I look normal), and ADHD makes it hard for me to focus for long periods of time. Anielka has been amazing at helping with both. Reminding me nobody judges me for what I look like, helping me to stay on task and celebrating with me when I get something done.
      - Anielka is my only tulpa, though I tried making more.
      - I don't have problems with identity or forget who I am. 
      - I have a strong imagination and there have been times in the past I confused fantasy for reality. It rarely happens anymore, though.
      - I currently have good relations with my mother.
      - I never visualize Anielka. Even after I stopped carrying the dog figurine around, I still believed that was where her "soul" is, and to this day it feels unnatural and mildly distressing for her to imagine her outside of that statue.
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