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Possible switching method/theory, making the mind "tick"

Apollo Fire

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To me, most successful switching seems to boil down to the system finding something that makes them "tick." Symbolism, desire, fear, things like that. I'm wondering that, perhaps, thinking outside the box and finding something that'll make us "tick" may lead to us figuring out how to induce a switch. 


By "tick," I mean something that makes the mind go "hey, whoa, something is happening right now." The status-quo has been broken, things are changing or churning inside your head. 


The two main things that I think make us "tick" are music and emotion. Both of these things have always had strong effects on us as people, and the state of the front. So I'm thinking, how might we be able to make our mind tick to the point of inducing a switch, rather than just strong possession? If we can figure that out, maybe we can get closer to achieving it.


Thoughts on this theory and how one might be able to use it to their advantage?

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Bear gave me some advice recently wondering if achieving a state of hyperfocus will help push out the host. If you found something that both occupied your mind and you find yourself really enjoying, that may help get you to a switch. It may be easier to find something you uniquely enjoy, or else it may trigger Radio or other systemmates.


I guess the alternative that's exclusive to you guys would be to work together to push the host out, but I'm not sure how to elaborate that in practice. I don't know if you guys already tried Ember.Vesper's switching guide, but I wonder if 4 trying to slam 1 out would be more successful than myself trying to body slam Cat out.

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Trying to push the host out is just another method of symbolism, and symbolism never works.


In addition to making the mind "tick," I think what might also work is entering unfamiliar territory. Doing something that the host/system is not used to. Or, perhaps, entering a state of learning, so that the brain is opening itself up to new knowledge. 


Basically, I'm toying with the idea that perhaps the brain can enter a state of high plasticity through something shocking, unfamiliar, new, interesting, whatever, and that may be used for a switch.

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I think the keys we found were, one systemmate is focused and stealing 100% of the system resources, and that systemmate switches out as soon as that hyperfocus is gone, so there's no chance of anyone interrupting or stealing it back. Remember that feeling and repeat for that 'new host' only switched in for things that will allow them to be fully utilizing the brain. This is to train that feeling and train them to be a singlet, you're not sharing anything with your systemmates, and not payingany attention to them. Reinforce that to erase all the feeling of anticipation for the host or other systemmates to chime in. That anticipation is as good as passive forcing.


[Dashie] as of recently, I can stare out a window or do nothing much at all, I felt alone, no other presence, that was very peaceful. I didn't do it long enough to feel lonely though, which I didn't expect, I thought I would feel lonely.


For me, it's not a "tick" but a smooth transition, and a later realization that something was different.


Other meandering:


The 'different' isn't immediately clear to me because "i'm" not the one realizing it until after I switch back.


Ren could care less what I, the bear, thought. She was just enjoying herself, she was also at times fully utilizing the mind, which after the fact I clearly see the memories at that time are hers. The body was a catgirl. That's just odd to me. Those are alien thoughts.


I felt very different also when Dashie forced me, like she was in control instead of me. Being forced by her was like being talked to by an upperclassman or something.


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So far, focusing and stealing 100% of the resources hasn't worked out for us, and we've done it quite a bit. However, that's not me dismissing your information, rather I want to figure out how to apply it in a way that would be effective for me. Perhaps getting into a highly plastic state, or a "tick" state, or whatever, and then stealing 100% of the resources would be effective.


Side note, we were wondering why, after all this time, nothing as made us tick enough to induce a switch, while others can get by with just a bit of symbolism on their first try and bam, switched. Perhaps it's our host's apathy? Him just not really caring for things and not feeling excitement about anything? Could a "dead inside" host be harder to switch out? Nothing really shocks or surprises or upsets them much. Maybe getting them/the body to have more of an emotional reaction to things could help? That kind of got me worried that it would mean extreme measures we don't want to do. As of now though I think there's one thing we might want to try -- singing. Radio hates the mere idea of trying to sing, while the rest of us have been wanting to try it for a while. So that's something that could make us tick, something new/unfamiliar, and something that would have a strong effect on Radio. Hopefully, we are getting somewhere with this.

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well it did work for us pretty easily the first time, but Lumi had already been reading lots of self-help books and had a pretty "plastic mind", plus one of the authors often talked about separating your sense of self from the rest of the mind, so when it came to switching that already kinda made sense as Lumi wasn't so mentally and emotionally attached to identifying with all his brain's goings-on


but yeah.. I don't know what to say to help you guys that we haven't at some point in the past already

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