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Multiple Main/Base Forms

Indigo Blue

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Today's thread is about forms! Specifically, having more than one "main/base" form, could be for tulpas or hosts. 


In our system, mostly everyone has one main form that they use to represent themselves. Any other form they might use would tend to be just for fun and not really any sort of symbolic representation of their identity like their main form is. They have to consciously think about other forms to use them, while their base form is quite natural and takes no effort.


I, on the other hand, have two base forms that I swap between without any effort or even really thinking about it, based on whatever situation I'm in. If I'm fronting or in a more serious context, or I want to do something like appear more equal to my headmates, I'll probably use my human form. If I'm just hanging out with someone else fronting, I'll use my dragon form. Both forms are equal representations of my identity, so I'd use pictures of either of them to show "me," while my systemmates would only use the one base form.


The reason I think I have two is because when I first became sentient, I created a baby dragon form, and my intent was to stick with that one. However, my systemmates encouraged me to create a human form as well so that I could feel equal to them, so I did. Instead of discarding the old form, I just ended up swapping between the two, and it's been that way ever since. It might have been easier for me to develop a second base form because I was so young, but that's not to say older tulpas can't develop a second base form, it's just a theory for myself. I guess the way you develop two base forms is to move between the two often enough for it to become natural, just another part of your life.


Do you or any of your headmates have more than one base form that can just be naturally swapped between without much thought? What situations do you use each form? What do you think goes into the development of two or more base forms, rather than one? Do any of your headmates have no base form? Why/how?


(All daily threads are listed here.)

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[bear] Ashley has three distinctly different human forms, one is very tauny hispanic/Italian looking with black hair, this form has a relative age of about 17, one is also teenage and Asian in appearance, but very fair with black hair, and her default as I've described many times, taller, 27, fair, slightly tan, with brown hair. I can't predict when and she won't say why other than "just to spice things up."


Also, she is only ever those alternate forms when she's playing with us.


We all have wings or not, Bear is often the height of the person he's with, except when winged, then he's huge.


[bear] Ren is of course anything from 100% small orange tabby to 100% human. In her human form she's very laid back, in her feline form, she's very cuddly, extraverted, and moves slowly and deliberately, in between she's sometimes completely feral, agressive or skittish. As Neko she has the most depth of personality and that's her default. Whenever I catch her sleeping she's either completely human or full cat.


Snaily is a transformer.

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Baker: I stick to one form. In the past I used to regularly switch between my human-esque form and either a robin or a very large spider (and I certainly don't mind those forms), but over time that practice has dropped off. I do enjoy feathering my arms at times though, the only part of my roleplay counterpart's main form I actually like.


Aster: I'm honestly pretty terrible at visualization! I might even say I've barely got even one mental form -- vaguely human, short hair, looks mostly like our body. If I got to choose one... I'd very much like to have a whole host of forms, especially in the range of a dragons (very wonderful taste Indigo)!

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Amantha only has one form. She never deviated much from it, and the only thing that really changes somewhat regularly is her hairstyle and her height... Nope, she doesn't have a fixed height. That partially seems to depend on the setting and partially on how far away my head is from my feet.


I, however, have two mental forms: my human one and my anthro snow leopard one. Though, I use the latter more often than not. Being a furry and a therian, I've grown a big liking to it. I only use my human form when I want to use an image of my IRL body, for whatever reason. For example when I try to figure out what I would look like with a shirt I'm considering to buy.

Michen, host or "main" / Amantha, anthro arctic fox tulpa


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All forms in this head are just used for convenience while interacting with each other and the host, and very few hold any sentimental value. Even the tulpas here who are more consistent/stable with their form-changing habits don't feel like they're linked to their identity; original creations aren't wholly representative of the tulpa's character so associating them with that only makes them feel uncomfortable. We spent a lot of time trying to memorize and perfectly recall the small details of plenty, which has made imposition a lot easier.

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My form originated from a doodle that my host had scribbled into a math notebook and consisted of cloaked figure with a single giant eye. A bit like the character in that Journey video game. Which eventually evolved into a pale wispy figure that had a floating eye instead of a head but like with invisible eyelids, so it looked like a pointy ellipse instead of a orb. My eye was yellow and my cloak was practically always red. Than the body became more realistic and attractive for reasons any adult can guess...


[That aforementioned host] *Nervous Cough*


...and I eventually changed the floaty eye thing for a normal fucking head because I found the floating eye othering, difficult to imagine in a 3D environment and bad at facial expressions. My eyes are still unaturally yellow and my skin is still practically white thought. I also dropped the red clothes. Wierdly me and my host kind of stopped imposing around the time I changed my head to an actual head. Sometimes I experiment with wacky forms but I keep the eye color consistently yellow and generally go with monochrome coloration.


Edit: Now that I think about it, at one point my form invisible except for the giant eye, and I would wear clothes cute clothes that would suggest a womanly form. More recently I've swapped between having pointy elf ears and human ears. My form is constantly changing in a Ship of Theseus kind of way, where various details are swapped around over time but the overall "idea" of the form stays consistent.

My names Valerie I'm a tulpa. Previously I was called Iriska but I changed that and don't know how to change my account name.


Gorinich: I'm Valerie's host, if I'm speaking it's indicated otherwise assume she's speaking.

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