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Communication through possession

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Hello, everyone (sorry for my english in advance). Me and Eto usually communicating through a hand possession. She can type or write 1-2 words in answer to a question, but not complete sentences or her thoughts. So i wanted to ask, if the reason for this is that she is not fully developed consciousnes, or there might be other reasons?

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You mentioned a similar question here with Eto, I'm thinking this has less to do with possession and more of parrotnoia, or not believing what Eto says is her.


Possession requires a different skill set, being fully vocal isn't really required but really helpful and recommend to have established first.


Given the fact she is an older tulpa, I think the issue is a matter of not believing it's her speaking and less to do with her development. If you hear thoughts you are unsure are hers or yours, go ahead and give Eto credit for them even if you don't believe it. If the thoughts are really negative, go ahead and ignore those. Really negative thoughts are intrusive thoughts, and those should be rejected.


Another possible problem could be you're asking Eto questions she doesn't know the answer to. Icebreaker type questions don't work well for young tulpas because they likely don't have an opinion yet. In this case, I think it's more productive to show her something instead of asking for her opinion. For example, instead of asking "What's your favorite color", show her different colors and observe how she responds to them. This may help her have more to write about.

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