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LucidAcid’s meditative tulpaforcing guide for more productive forcing and stuff

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Oh look at us derailing this thread. I guess I'll reply to few of your points that are very off-topic because I just feel like I need to reply to them to avoid misunderstandings.


For the hypnosis part, I actually mean like people who have hypnotized me. Or at least tried to, I talked a bit about my history before and learned more about how it's really self hypnosis and all but let's not go into that. And of course other hypnosis recordings that might be found on the internet and such. Many do actually make a mention about your subconscious and I didn't mean that like hypnotists are thinking that it really is a separate place or anything, as I did wonder if they actually believe in it previously. Whatever it is, they use it as symbolism to make you believe you can change things in yourself using this mysterious subconscious, which your average person might buy. It can be very effective as we both know. But every time I've ever had a hypnotist talk about "the subconscious" to me, they have always defined it. They haven't ever just thrown the word around like I would understand it from the word alone, but they have explained that now that I am in this "the subconscious", I can change things about it and myself for some lasting results or something.


I don't think hypnotists really would have time to explain that there is really no "the subconscious" in your mind somewhere and it might hurt the symbolism at that point, even if they didn't believe in there actually being some special place in your mind like that. But I think some other kind of symbolism could also easily be used and in my case, just the word "the subconscious" is enough to annoy me so that I might snap out of it, buuuut I think that's getting way off-topic here...


You don't really have anything to apologize for here really, so don't worry about it. Actually I think Roswell is using his beliefs to his advantage and he really is a crafty little symbolism bastard when he gets to it. Very effective, even towards me. And funnily enough, when people read my last post he was suggested to write about his beliefs and not only did he think that he would like to keep his beliefs to himself, he thinks they (his beliefs about this ~~the subconscious~~) have no place on a forum like this which is trying to be scientific and all. So at least there's that. The reason I brought it up was supposed to be more humorous and like, look at me. I don't believe in this stuff yet I'm forced to live with someone who is into it. Kinda weird yo. You might want to avoid it and I would like to avoid making the young people use "the subconscious" as a term when they have the power to change it when we're gone.


Now to make this less about me and what happens inside my head, let's go back to definitions. I don't think you outright disagree with me if I say that using subconscious as a word should be handled with care. First of all, if by "the subconscious" you mean unconscious thoughts and such, might as well use that word. I think that is pretty understandable as it hasn't suffered the fate of the other word. Subconscious as a term has been redefined many times, so if you do use it, you are going to have to define it so we know what you mean with it. This community has a past with that word and I'm happy that people don't take it to mean special separate entity or place that much anymore, but I think we could do better.


We managed to get away from the term "tulpae" for the most part. I think we can change "the subconscious" into something better as well, something that will have an actual meaning we all understand easily instead of thinking everyone understands your own definition of it. And after we've done that, I think we can work on "metaphysics", don't you think? That term has been redefined in tupper communities to mean supernatural stuff. But I think it's usually better to crusade against one word at a time.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Eva: You've made some good points, Sands. And thanks for clarifying to us on the experiential cases you had with the hypnosis aspect, and your view with "unconscious." We presumed before you would often use that terminology interchangeably with "subconscious," and presumed you were making ambiguous statements. But since you clarified on that, the conjecture we've had is false, so we'll just leave it at that.


We only could go by conjecture about you and Roswell (since we can't really read anyone's mind obviously), but never wanted to make the initiative to make a full frontal presumption until we formatted the discussion to where you may want to tell the truth so we wouldn't sustain a false preconception about you two.


I agree that we were kind of derailing the thread, but discussions like this furthers the reasoning on why some applications of symbolism will eventually need to be explained through the lens of something more objective than subjective and ambiguous. And with that, I guess we'll leave it at that, unless of course, there needs to be more clarification on something else.

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Approved, Guides.


That one line about the "subconscious" aside, this is a decent meditation guide. Helpful for both improving your focus, imagination and your interaction with your tulpa, and helpful outside that too.


I would also like to pitch in that mindfulness meditation is very useful as far as improving communication with your tulpa - that is, you can do what this guide says even without sitting down and even while interacting with your tulpa - just minding your senses and your breathing, while talking/narrating to them.

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Hi, I don't know a lot of english... But i can understand the most part of your gide. Thanks you.

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An extremely useful guide. I already use meditation for my tulpa work, and it does seem to really work well to sort of clear out all the mental clutter and make visualising easier.

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Tulpa name: Deortabe

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Begun: 04/09/14

Progress: Basic appearance starting to take shape, possible first signs of sentience.[/align]

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