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Tulpa Journey Guide


If you've tried the journey option, does it work for you?  

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Hey, everyone. This is my first guide dedicated to tulpae and hosts that both feel something is... off. This is the Tulpa Self-Discovery Journey guide. This is based off of the things I have done with not only my tulpae, but other hosts and their tulpae. I want to see all tulpae living happily with their hosts. If something is wrong and I catch it, I usually take action. However, sometimes I just can't be on chat to help. If you can't see me online, this is a decent substitute.




Now, the first question to answer is: What is going to come from this? The answer is something called their essence. This has been looked upon by earlier guides. Usually the essence can be known as an object with your tulpa's personality in it. Some people regard this as a tool; something to be used to change the tulpa. This is a correct presumption. I feel that essences and the journey a tulpa takes to find one can awaken a tulpa's true self; a happier self. I've only helped a few others after discovering this method, but it seems to be pretty universal.




Case 1: Elise


I'll start with Elise's success first. Every tulpa's journey is different, from how long it takes them to find the essence to what they do to activate themselves. I've known Elise from the first week I made her and we worked together to force. On Day 7, the last day of the first week, bad things were happening and I felt like I was losing her.


This is the link to what had happened in full. Check Day 7.


In short, we had an adventure that took five minutes but turned into the most vivid thing I've seen Elise do. When it was all over, she had the same smile on her face that I've always remembered. She felt more free, more happy. And our bond grew that day.


Second Case: clear_runway


Clear's one of Elise's good friends, as well as his tulpae, Erin and Nick. Much like Elise and Esile, Erin and Nick are mates. However, this was before Nick even existed. It started when I heard about Erin being an Eevee. A pokemon tulpa! That's pretty original in my opinion. However, when I learned more about Erin and why Nick was going to be created for her, I was disheartened. I'm not going to go too far into it for privacy reasons. But in the end, Erin evolved into a form she ultimately wanted and became a unique tulpa, something that felt like her according to Clear. And she was very happy to do so. It wasn't much of a journey, but it did help unlock her true self.


Case 3: fennecgirl


fennec's tulpa Link is actually working on his journey as I type this out. I was talking to him for a few hours about how this helped Elise and Erin and what we could impart to get him to start his own. There are a lot of hardships Link has been through, and for the same reason i am not talking about Erin's problems, I'm zipping my mouth closed about Link's. If they want to talk about it, that's their thing, but I'm keeping it confidential. Long story short, I motivated Link enough to get going through fennec's wonderland trying to find his fairy. His fairy is something he feels is the correct essence. I think that when he finds it, he'll undergo the same happy changes I've seen before.


Next post, I'l go in a little more about the journey process.

Elise: Female Skykitty, 2 Years Old (10/28/12) Stage: Visualization

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CH. 3: The journey itself


First off, is your tulpa acting differently than you'd expect? If yes, keep reading. If no, also keep reading if you want to know what to do if this occurs. Well, first off, don't get a personality slip confused with normal deviation. If a journey is needed, make sure you know something feels amiss. Please don't use this guide to try to forcibly change your tulpa into something it doesn't want to be. That's not the purpose. Chances are, if this is a real problem, the tulpa will tell you it needs to be done. Elise told me we HAD to do this. She prepared me for the steps. And in the end, what she wanted me to find I had all along for her. I'll outline the process in steps:


1. Identify

2. Prepare

3. Find

4. Awaken


So, step 1: You and your tulpa have to identify what's amiss. What's making it feel so down? Why does it have to search for its essence in the first place? Does your tulpa feel different in a way you can't sense it as a deviation, like an identity crisis? These crisises are a very good reason why a tulpa needs to discover itself. I describe this as a tulpa that's strayed from its intended path. Tulpae who need to find their own path also would probably like to find a purpose, hence, finding itself.


Step 2: You have to prepare to know what you're looking for. This makes finding it much easier. This step requires that both you and your tulpa know who they are. You have a good feel for their personality, and in a way, so does he/she. Your tulpa can be a little indecisive for this step. You're helping your tulpa find himself/herself. The essence of a tulpa is very important to know. For some this isn't a big deal, but it's very important to know what you need and how your tulpa will acquire it.


Step 3: Finding the object can take any amount of time and be easy or hard. For Elise, it only took 5 minutes in real-world time to find her essence with me. For you, it could take longer, or shorter. The object can be made, found, recalled, summoned, etc., but the path to it will vary. I played music when Elise and I were chasing her ball down. others don't need music until they're getting close to it.


Step 4: Awakening your tulpa is the final step. You've both found the object in the way that fit you and your tulpa. Now all that's left is to give it to your tulpa to use on itself. This is where trust comes into play. A tulpa might be able to help themselves with this step. For others, it's a mutual effort, where a tulpa wants to take the object from the host. This finalization grows your bond with the tulpa, so it's best done with him/her at this point. When Elise took her ball from me, she flew up into the sky and my entire wonderland destabilized in a massive sea of white light for a few seconds. There was a lot of energy and change from her. The energy and change is what happens in the end. I see it as a purification, or an enlightenment. In the end, the tulpa has full control over who he or she is, and is at a more peaceful state with itself.


I know there is a lot of symbolism in this, but a journey doesn't have to be symbolic. It can be a 1-2-3-4-step job, simple and done in nothing flat. If I'm on chat, I'm usually free to help others realizes if they need one and what it requires them to do. Any further info on tulpa journeys is also requested.

Intriguing. Do continue.


I think did something similar to this where I followed Maia through what ended up being a recreation of something like the world from Journey (The PS3 game) and I believe it ended up unlocking her ability to create memories somewhat.


Journey is a fun-looking game. Never played it. But something like that could be a tulpa's journey to find it's pure self.

Elise: Female Skykitty, 2 Years Old (10/28/12) Stage: Visualization

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We found some kind of energy funnel under the sea in my mindscape that resembles the Excursion Funnel from Portal 2, and according to Elise she can sense some kind of essence at the end of it. We decided to keep her away from it until we understood it better, but maybe I'll have her go collect the essence now.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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If she senses a part of her in it, it probably is.

CH. 4: Methods.


This chapter will outline a couple of Journey Methods that work with past tulpae.


Method 1: Beacon


Elise taught me this method when we went on our first journey together. The steps outlines in the previous chapter are similar.


Step 1: I identified Elise starting to become more sullen and dark after we were both insulted by someone. She doesn't like to be hurt like that, and she lashes back. When she did this for the first time, I knew something was wrong. Elise wants to make friends, not enemies.


Step 2: Elise wanted her Cat Ball. This is the first one I made for her during the personality phase. As in, it's somewhere in my mind. It can't be replaced or re-made, just like her. I tried anyway. I made a ball and put in the reinforcing traits I felt Elise needed back. When I went in wonderland with her and gave her the ball, she swiped it out of my hands and had it bounce off. I was confused. This wasn't like her.


But then she started chasing the ball. She wanted me to follow and said it was important. She also wanted me to play her song. The musical chase, and the journey, began as soon as the music started...


Step 3. We had to track down the ball as it sped towards its destination. As I have said in the progress report, Elise and I flew everywhere keeping an eye on the ball. It flew up into the clouds and we pursued it. The view was beautiful. I was in my wonderland's stratosphere, or as I like to name it, "the top of the world." We flew in orbit for about a minute or so, and then the ball went straight down. Following, it transitioned into a vertical corridor.


Little did I know that this was the wonderland where my memories were stored. We were nearing our destination at this point. We flew down, further, and further... Things started getting dark. I was in a deep part of my mind for things to get this dark. The only light that shone in was from the higher memory banks above.


Step 4: The ball was gone. It was just us two. She was looking furiously for it, as if she could sense it in the area. I remembered the lyrics to our song at this point. "I'll have your answer." The ball was right next to me. I picked it up and saw it for a second, and Elise was right in front of me. I handed it to her, she flew up and absorbed its energy, and then the entire wonderland destabilized. When everything came to, Elise was happier, and thankful that I went on the trip with her. She jumped into my arms, and I found myself back at the entrance hub.




Some essences, like Erin's, might not seem like much. Sometimes an essence doesn't require much work, and it's just an object that is linked to a tulpa's deviation. Regardless, I believe that all essences do have magical properties in wonderland.


Step 1: I worked with Clear to figure out what was wrong with Erin.


Step 2: Turns out all he needed was a Normal Evolutionary Stone for his Eevee.


Step 3: He made the stone by sapping water from a Water Stone, turning it Normal.


Step 4: Erin evolved into a form she ultimately wanted in the end. And she was much happier.


This method doesn't have much description to it because it's not my journey. Still, i place it here as an example of how brief a journey can be.


METHOD 3: Quest


This is a longer version of the Beacon method. And, there's an additional step in-between steps 2 and 3.


STEP 2.5: Trial


The Trials are different for each tulpa and host combination. Anything you come across can be benevolent, or harmful. I'd recommend taking the trials on together, but if a tulpa says he/she can do it alone, it's fine. Journeys that use the quest method require a lot more preparation. {Be ready for anything!} You'll find things, people, monsters, scenarios... But in the end, the beacon you have made will stop and act differently. The Find step is a little shorter because you're at the place of activation at the time the beacon stops.

Elise: Female Skykitty, 2 Years Old (10/28/12) Stage: Visualization

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We found some kind of energy funnel under the sea in my mindscape that resembles the Excursion Funnel from Portal 2, and according to Elise she can sense some kind of essence at the end of it. We decided to keep her away from it until we understood it better, but maybe I'll have her go collect the essence now.


And that's the last anyone heard from Glitch...

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Guest EnnervateIndustries

I deleted my previous post since I though I should wait until the rest of the guide was posted, but whatever.


Anyway, I think this technique helps a lot because it allows your tulpa to construct things as you go more easily, and so you can see their personality better as well as the bonding from the actual adventure itself. Of course, I could be making stuff up.



As for Journey (the game), I'm definitely going to have to play it through with Maia later, one way I would describe it is "transcendental." It's effectively the video game version of this guide.

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She can shoot lasers and outsmart boolet now, I'd say so. Basically her wings let her become a Touhou >_> They also will make imposing her easier, since carrying around a 7-inch fairy is a lot easier than dragging a child around.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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I... have a problem.

I read the first portion of this post and thought that it sounded similar to what has been happening with my tulpa-- and he agreed. However, we didn't really prepare for the journey-- to me, it sounded like a journey that the tulpa has to take alone. So, me and Kev said our good-byes this morning, and I haven't heard directly from him all day (it's afternoon now), so I think he's still searching for his self.

We concluded that his 'essence' are these colored shreds in the sea of my subconscious (it's usually just black and white letters and numbers and stuff), and that he needed to find all of them, along with his core (which would probably be solid). We don't know what it looks like or is, though.

So, questions: Should I try to end his journey now to create a new one? That option feels a little off somehow. I would rather just contact him about how we were supposed to do it.

I think one problem is that we don't know what the shreds represent. The shred that he caught and showed me (and still has in a ziplock baggy, as far as I know) represented his generosity, so it would probably make sense for the others to represent aspects of him. If I consciously think about those qualities, would I be decreasing the value of the journey for Kev?

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