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Tulpa Journey Guide


If you've tried the journey option, does it work for you?  

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  1. 1. If you've tried the journey option, does it work for you?

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Hey, everyone. This is my first guide dedicated to tulpae and hosts that both feel something is... off. This is the Tulpa Self-Discovery Journey guide. This is based off of the things I have done with not only my tulpae, but other hosts and their tulpae. I want to see all tulpae living happily with their hosts. If something is wrong and I catch it, I usually take action. However, sometimes I just can't be on chat to help. If you can't see me online, this is a decent substitute.




Now, the first question to answer is: What is going to come from this? The answer is something called their essence. This has been looked upon by earlier guides. Usually the essence can be known as an object with your tulpa's personality in it. Some people regard this as a tool; something to be used to change the tulpa. This is a correct presumption. I feel that essences and the journey a tulpa takes to find one can awaken a tulpa's true self; a happier self. I've only helped a few others after discovering this method, but it seems to be pretty universal.




Case 1: Elise


I'll start with Elise's success first. Every tulpa's journey is different, from how long it takes them to find the essence to what they do to activate themselves. I've known Elise from the first week I made her and we worked together to force. On Day 7, the last day of the first week, bad things were happening and I felt like I was losing her.


This is the link to what had happened in full. Check Day 7.


In short, we had an adventure that took five minutes but turned into the most vivid thing I've seen Elise do. When it was all over, she had the same smile on her face that I've always remembered. She felt more free, more happy. And our bond grew that day.


Second Case: clear_runway


Clear's one of Elise's good friends, as well as his tulpae, Erin and Nick. Much like Elise and Esile, Erin and Nick are mates. However, this was before Nick even existed. It started when I heard about Erin being an Eevee. A pokemon tulpa! That's pretty original in my opinion. However, when I learned more about Erin and why Nick was going to be created for her, I was disheartened. I'm not going to go too far into it for privacy reasons. But in the end, Erin evolved into a form she ultimately wanted and became a unique tulpa, something that felt like her according to Clear. And she was very happy to do so. It wasn't much of a journey, but it did help unlock her true self.


Case 3: fennecgirl


fennec's tulpa Link is actually working on his journey as I type this out. I was talking to him for a few hours about how this helped Elise and Erin and what we could impart to get him to start his own. There are a lot of hardships Link has been through, and for the same reason i am not talking about Erin's problems, I'm zipping my mouth closed about Link's. If they want to talk about it, that's their thing, but I'm keeping it confidential. Long story short, I motivated Link enough to get going through fennec's wonderland trying to find his fairy. His fairy is something he feels is the correct essence. I think that when he finds it, he'll undergo the same happy changes I've seen before.


Next post, I'l go in a little more about the journey process.

Elise: Female Skykitty, 2 Years Old (10/28/12) Stage: Visualization

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Sarah left on a journey of.self-discovery about two months ago. Neither of us really seem to know what she's looking for, but she hasn't come back yet, and I've only seen her a few times since in forcing.


I'm considering going to look for her, but I feel it may take a while. So now I'm preparing a time for it when Juno and I can go.

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I know the guide writer said that there doesn't have to be any symbolism in this journey... But the entire thing behind this "essence" IS symbolism. Can it work? Abso-fucking-lutely it can. When you think something is wrong with you, taking time alone, pondering and doing self-discovery is some powerful stuff for everyone, "essence" or not.


There is technically a huge guide in here, but when stripped of the symbolism (such as the actual "journey" itself, unless you count as just thinking about important stuff to be a "journey"), the thing deep down is just a tip in my eyes. Spend time alone, think and find yourself. That's what I'm reading and I don't even know if a guide could be written about that. There's some symbolism "journeys" to help to give you ideas, but I think they're just that. Symbolism, ideas, extra stuff. The actual thing is a tip and should go to tips, but you're free to disagree with that. You're also free to say this is just so full of symbolism to be approved and I can agree with that as well, as I'm a bit uncertain if everyone will read this the same way as I do. But I would approve it, knowing how helpful this thing (without the symbolism) is.

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Very reluctantly approving this for Tips.


A tulpa doing some self-discovery is great, but it's not something to force them toward, or even something requiring such elaborate symbolism or loaded expectations. If the tulpa feels a need to have some time for themselves, they're free to get some.


Also, the use of the word 'essence' for symbolic purposes is a bit unusual.

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I feel like the four steps outlined as a method in CH3, or maybe even just the first one of those, would be fine. It's super symbolism-heavy but at least the writer says that it isn't necessary. Guess I'll approve for Tips.

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Approved for tips and tricks. It's not really good enough to be guide material IMO

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


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The Trials are different for each tulpa and host combination. Anything you come across can be benevolent, or harmful. I'd recommend taking the trials on together, but if a tulpa says he/she can do it alone, it's fine. Journeys that use the quest method require a lot more preparation. {Be ready for anything!} You'll find things, people, monsters, scenarios... But in the end, the beacon you have made will stop and act differently. The Find step is a little shorter because you're at the place of activation at the time the beacon stops.


Trials are diverse for each spatula and host blend. Anything you run over can be generous, or unsafe. I'd prescribe taking the trials on together, however in the event that a spatula says he/she can do only it, it's fine. Ventures that utilization the journey strategy require significantly more arrangement. I think my answer is helpful you I'm doing write my essay You'll discover things, individuals, beasts, situations... Be that as it may, at last, the signal you have made will stop and act in an unexpected way. The Find step is somewhat shorter in light of the fact that you're at the place of actuation at the time the guide stops.


That was the most amazing spam I've ever seen on this forum, which isn't saying a lot. Spatula... please.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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