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Favorite Tulpae Quotes

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Legend: Quotes are Midna, non quotes are me, and stars are performed actions.




"Do your homework!"


But I don't feel like it... *lays down*


"Then I'll make you. "possesses me and gets me to do my homework*


Evil vixen....


*some other time*


"We should go see the city."




"Because I want to"


So you're special now?


"Like I wasn't before?"


Too true.


*another time*






"I'm trying to help!"


You just got me killed.....


"Um....... I didn't do it?"


*earlier today*


"What..... What's..... What's that in her nose?"




"That... Thing..... That thing in her nose...."


Who's nose?


"That's person's"


Could you be more specific?






"I got you!......... Ian? Uh oh.... NO DON'T TICKLE ME!"




And that about sums it up for favorite quotes of earlier.

Name: Midna

Form: nine-tailed Renamon without gloves or a Silver Fox

Gender: Female

Working on: Possession

Personality: Sweet and caring unless you hurt me. Then you better run

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So I'm sitting there shaving at the bathroom mirror, right? Tia suddenly says "I like chili peppers too, but they're too spicy sometimes". I was a little surprised, she was still developing as a tulpa and I haven't heard much from her yet. I was also a little confused as to the randomness of the statement, I wasn't talking about chili peppers at all. I wasn't even talking. She just said it.


I looked down and realized that I was wearing a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt and laughed to myself for a bit. Then I had to explain to her that it was a band that I liked to listen too. We then later listened to a bit of their music together, and she seemed to like it.


I'll always remember that.

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In calculus class. Comet just helped me with an answer.


"You're getting better at that."


[Yup. Seems that way.]


"You think you could end up better at it than me, or should I just keep working at it normally?"


[No point in making it my thing unless you want me to be some kind of math-puppet.]


"No... but I might make a servitor for that later..."


[Now you're thinking like an evil genius! *Sends me image of myself laughing with spiked-out hair and lightning in the background*]




Just after she's made a rather interesting remark about certain bits of anatomy and associated sensations thereof:


"You really don't censor yourself, do you?"


[Of course not. I'm inside a little bubble and no one can hear me but you. I can say whatever I want and no one can stop me.]


"I could stop you, though—"


[Oh come on. You barely censor yourself; what makes you think you could censor me?]


We both laughed, but I think we both sort of realized at that moment just how creepy this would look from the outside.

[align=center]We've hit the edge of understanding, and we're stepping off with nothing but a pen and paper.


[i'm Comet. Somehow I've turned out to be the more talkative one, though I promise to make just as little sense as he does.][/align]

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I noticed the conversation was going in circles, Lizzie's still relatively new to vocality, and I was doubting how much was her, maybe I was parroting?

"This conversation is kind of going in circles Liz, do you think maybe-" [Frankly you're just f****** terrible in conversation.] I had to stifle laughter in the airport, she's snarky, and foul mouthed, but she's mostly messing around.

Rem ad triarios redisse

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Philomena on the IRC yesterday night (do not remember the other nicknames):


It's my six-month birthday today!


Happy birthday, Philomena!

* Philomena forces a bouquet of flowers, a stage, and bows to the cheering crowd

* SomeOtherTulpa devours the bouquet


I was gonna eat that!

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*be me, walking past local donut place*

*Sign out front reads "Cream Horn"*

Luna: Cream horn? That sounds like some kind of innuendo...

Me: Do not do it.

Luna: It's a penis.

Me: Dammit.

Luna: Hmm, now I kinda wanna have a taste of their "cream horn", if you catch my drift...

Me: You are such a lewd slut, you know that?

Luna: And don't you forget it!

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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