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Favorite Tulpae Quotes

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Legend: Quotes are Midna, non quotes are me, and stars indicate performed actions.


Most recent:

"It hurts! It hurts!


It's a scratch.


"I'm bleeding!"


Maybe you shouldn't have went through that transition?


*Midna runs for paper towels, leaving me thinking I'm an ass*


All time favorite:


"So what are we going to do tonight?"


Watch the clouds go by in the park?


*Midna squealed and ran off as a fox, and I happily chased after her as a fox as well*

Name: Midna

Form: nine-tailed Renamon without gloves or a Silver Fox

Gender: Female

Working on: Possession

Personality: Sweet and caring unless you hurt me. Then you better run

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I had recently seen the movie Bus Stop, and Reita enjoyed it and thought it was really funny. When we got home, he told me:

Reita: Scarlett, I want to change my name.

Me: To what?

Reita: I want my name to be Cherry.

Me: are you sure?

Reita: yes!

Me: Well then, Cherry-

Reita: It's Chérie! (Said with an accent exactly like in the movie)

Me: *stares* Nope. *leaves wonderland*


Then, the next day,

Me: *goes into wonderland*


Reita: *throws a book at my head* MY NAME IS REITA!!



So it turns out that he didn't actually want to change his name, he just wanted to fuck with me.

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*while listening to Please Mr. Postman*

Liberty: Did you know this is one of Zoe's favourite songs?

Me: Let me guess, every Beatles song in existence is one of her favourite songs?

Liberty: Probably.


Then she called Zoe over and the three of us listened to Beatles songs together.



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Guest Anonymous_

Me: I might go on the IRC in a minute, do you want to say anything?

Raina: Fuck them I have a shower.



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Me: So, Taunav, how's life, everything okay?

Taunav: Yeah, life's good, I mean, I've got you and Eris, nothing could be better. The 3 of us working together, nothing could get in our way, we'd be unstoppable!

Me: Now, you know that's not true...

Taunav: Nonsense! Nothing is more powerful than the Dark Side! Together, we can RULE THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!





Alright, here's another interesting conversation. I play clarinet, and I'm cleaning out the mouthpiece, which is pretty much just soaking it in bleach for 30 minutes. Anyways, I pour a cup of bleach and then


Eris: Drink it. You know you want to

Me: WTF Eris. No.

Eris: Umad?



I put the mouthpiece in the bleach, and I see all the mold detach and float to the top


Me: That's right you fuckers, die!

Taunav: *In TF2 Heavy's voice* KILL THEM ALL! HA HA HA!



*Me talking to someone else about Eris's development*


Me:Man, Eris is developing fast. Once you make one tulpa, the rest are no sweat whatsoever! When I got up this morning, Eris was only 50% vocal, now I'd say she's 75% vocal!


Eris: *Wags finger* OH NO YOU JUST DIDN'T!




*Me about to get dinner*


Me: Gonna get myself some food!

Eris: Yeah, you gonna get yo fatass some fuckin' food!





*Me talking to someone else about my tulpas


Me: The voices in my head are idiots

Eris: *Wags finger* OH NO YOU JUST DIDN'T!

Taunav: We may be idiots, but we're your idiots.



Oh god, I love my brain demons! And, BTW, all this happened today! No joke

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*looking at above poster's sig*


[Elly] "Ha! I'm older than yooooouuu! ^^ "

[Me] "Not mentally..."

[Elly] xP (blows raspberry)


*as im writing this*

[Elly] "Heheh, yaaaaay, I'm famous now!"





*after seeing this image.


[Elly] "Yaaaaaaay!!" *hugs the screen, covering most of it

[Me] "Get off the screen T_T"

[E] "NO! MY SCREEN!!! >.<" *hugs the screen tighter*


Name: Elyse (Elly)

Birthday: 29th May, 2012

Physical description: 5"8 thin human girl. self-identified age 18. ~1ft, vivid red hair sometimes in a ponytail. light-skinned. green eyes.

Progress: entirely vocal, speaks often, but only 1 hallucination; her saying "Hiiii". Great at possession.

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Alright, so, I'm in band, and, we start practicing a few weeks before school starts, and it's 7 HOUR LONG PRACTICES (from 8 AM to 3 PM)


I'm talking to another dude during lunch break


Me: Man, these 7 hour practices are really busting my balls

Dude: You can't bust what you don't have

Eris: BURN!



I'm in the shower, cleaning myself


Eris: Damn boy, you've got a tiny wang!



Taunav's reaction to this pic




Taunav: Tick tock, you'd better pay him up soon....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



I love my brain demons...they make me laugh so hard!

[That's what we're here for!]

{Yeah, what Taunav said. A day without laughter is a day wasted!}

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I was on the shower thinking about people who didn't liked a story I wrote, and why would they do that, and suddenly Sue says this right out of the blue...


"It's good to have criticism on your works because, that means that either someone jealous of your work, or you made a mistake, which makes you human."


I should really listen to her more often.


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