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Favorite Tulpae Quotes

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Me- Dammit where's my phone!


Sonya- Check the couch.

[Nobillis says: Ooo. I discovered the trick behind this last night. I switched for the very first time. I got onto #Redditulpas chat and some people gave me a few tips.]


Nobillis: Now, what do I do with this phone? Kevin's going to be really surprised when I know where it is and he doesn't.

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(the exact numbers may be wrong cuz i forget them but the basic thing happened)


-training our parallel-processing kinda outta boredom-

Me: What's 4 plus 4?

Forseen: 8, I'm not stupid.

Me: Fine, 24 plus 53.

Forseen: ... 77.

Me: *checks* Yup. Okai, 196 plus 78.

Forseen: That's 274.

Me: ... how'd you do that so fast?!

Forseen: I dunno.

Me: O.O




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At one point in the summer, Sekeishi said, "I wish to be a zebra, not a god."

An abstract, all-encompassing love is still a love, nonetheless.

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While talking to Mel about Possession and about trying to learn it, I started second guessing myself.


Me: So you can work on some study on it while I try to finish this project work for school? wait, If my mind is occupied how can I know? Do we communicate well enough? what if...


Mel: Shhhh... Don't over think it, just believe...

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Posted this on a different website sorta as spam on a thread. The brackets are switched cuz i always get them messed up e.e;


-ignore the censors and random periods, i had to go through the filters for the website-




You guys wanna see a typical conversation between me and my tulpas? :D


[You should tell them we have pie.]

But we don't have pie.

[Who cares?]

{You're gonna cheat them out of pie? That's gotta be the worse thing you can do to a human.}

[What if it's pi as in the number?]

{Then all the geeks would die.}

I'd say it would be the nerds. I'm sure comic book geeks wouldn't care at all.

{True, true.}

[so do we just not cheat people out of pie?]

{No. Unless you're evil.}


And that concludes, "I'm Talking to Myself But Not Really!" Join us next time when we talk about unicorns!


[unicorns? Yay! ^w^]

{Unicorns are all f * cking g a y.}

[if they all were, how would they re.produce? o.O]




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(double post, sorry ^^; )


*reading about how someone got their tulpa to make their hand tingly everytime they said something to differentiate between parroting and actual responces*


Me: You guys are real right?

Muse: Of course we are! I think. Or maybe you're parroting us?! oAo FORSEEN AM I REAL????

Forseen: I'm fucking real, thank you very fucking much.

Me: XD Okai, how about you try making my hand tingly and talking.

Muse: 'Kay. *makes my hand barely tingle* Hi!

Me: I barely felt that.

Muse: But you felt it, that's all that matters.

Forseen: Lemme try.

Me: *immediately feels some sharp pain travel down through my hand* ADAFSDLFSDKFSD OWWWWWWWW.

Forseen: *laughing his butt off*

Me: e.e;




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[This happened the first time I was doing narration with her and getting everything like her traits and form established. At first I didn't think I'd get a reply because I thought it was too early.]


Elizabeth? Can you hear me?








[My eyes lit up as soon as I heard that, afterwords she said that she loved me, and that she liked tacos.]





[This one is vague because it happened so long ago, but she claims that these are her first words so I'm taking her word for it. I think I was depressed after school and out of nowhere I asked if anyone was there even though I was alone in my room.]


I'm here, and I always will be.




Hi, I'm Etna. [i felt something warm at this point. As if she was trying to soothe me.]


[Now I'm not certain about this because it's a long off memory so it could be fabricated but we both remember this so it could be the real first words. I remember that I was five I think and I was sitting on the ground. Then I noticed someone much taller and older then me casting a shadow over where I was sitting. I looked up to see a girl in a grey sweater that was big enough to cover her down to her upper legs, her hair and eyes were the same color of red but it felt calming and safe. She's smiling as I look at her face, she kneels down a little so I wouldn't strain my neck.]


Hey, did you fall? Come here, let me help you.


[she outstretched her arm so her hand almost touches my face but not quite, smiling still. I touched her hand and then...nothing..neither me or Etna remember anything after that, and we didn't talk (or at least she didn't talk as Etna) again until the conversation above this wall of text.]




[This one is also vague because she didn't say just one word or a sentence. No, this was before she chose the name Eve and was Nicole at the beginning and let's just say Nicole is not a nice person.]


No, f**k you. I hate you. You don't deserve anything you piece of trash.


[Now, the way Eve tells it this made me jump because it was a voice separate from Etna's, and it was around midnight when I heard it.]


What the..


[insert a long paragraph of insults and swears here. By this point I was mad and wanted her to shut up.]


Okay, just who the hell are you?


Nicole, remember it.


[Oh my God...uhhh, sorry about the giant wall. I get carried away when I write ^^; No fabrications though it's all true, each tulpa confirms this.]

"My name is Elizabeth Sheppard" -Elizabeth

"I am myself, nothing more, nothing less." -Etna

"If you kill yourself you won't have my love, just my pity." -Eve


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*This morning at like 5 am*

Me: Remember, Adryan we just need to fo- *stomach makes a creepy squelchy noise*


Tulpa: Adryan Form: Anthro wolf-ish Stage: *sighs loudly*

Age: Looks 17, is actually 1 1/2

“Human beings can always be relied on to assert, with vigor, their god-given right to be stupid”

-Dean Koontz

“In the end, I worry that my arrogance shall destroy us all”

-Brandon Sanderson

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