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Favorite Tulpae Quotes

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When Roman first showed me that he could fly, I was so confused. He was carrying me, but I didn't understand. I tried forcing us down, but I couldn't. I asked him why he wants this.

"I wanna fly."

I asked, "How do I know you won't leave me?"

He wrapped his legs around me and said, "I'll never leave you."

This was only a month in to the tulpa-making process, and it's basically the experience that solidified our bond :3

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Telk: We're employed again! Goddamn!


Age: 420 days (6th Nov)

Form: Fluttershy minus the cutie mark and with yellow eyes



Age: 364 days

Form: Ninth Doctor or a Dalek



Age: 231 days

Form: Human female, medium length dark violet hair, late teen/ young adult



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[Kevin says: Driving in the countryside, still dark of night. Nobillis in the spare seat of the work ute (pickup truck) :


N transforms into "pinkie pie" look-alike: Rainbow dash wants to say hello.

K: What?!

N (pulls out a virtual rainbow-dash plushie and makes the mouth move with her "hands"): "Hello"


Later (still night):


N points over to the left: They've ploughed that field.

K look over into the inky blackness: Yes.. Yes they have.


I'm beginning to get the impression that the world Nobillis sees is different from the one I see. Apparently there is no dark in her view of the world (oh, and yes. Oddly enough, the field was plowed).]

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Aura is possessing me and walking the dogs, when the leash raps around his hand and the large dog pulls, starting to crush his hand


Aura: Ahh fuck, what is this feeling

Me: It's pain aura

Aura: ow! i really don't like this!

i am forever banned from drinking orange juice because my tulpa hates it with a burning passion


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Me getting dressed, Fancy sitting on my bed with Cozmo.

Fancyboy: "You know, your thighs are like mine."

Me: "Huh? How so?"

Fancyboy: "Fat."

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He was possessing me to type in a skype group.

[9:48:34 PM] 16-Volte: opinions on apple pie, everybody

[9:48:35 PM] Darth Nikolai: you certainly are gabi's tulpa

[9:49:06 PM] Darth Nikolai: no

[9:49:19 PM] Vr: I don't like pie.

[9:49:24 PM] 16-Volte: wow

[9:49:30 PM] 16-Volte: soulless demons, yall are

Call me Gabi. Tulpamancer since February 16th, 2013. reddeadrebel on the IRC.

Call me 16-Volte. I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride!


Message me on tumblr!


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*be me, walking to work*


Me- Hey it looks like they're finally making that mini-golf course.


Sonya- What do you think they're gonna make it?


Me- Maybe a pirate themed one?


Sonya- *In pirate gear, an eye-patch, and a cutlass* AYE LADDY! NOW OFF TO THE BARBARIES WITH YE! GET GOIN!


Me-*cracking up, in the middle of public*




Me- * still laughing* Sonya knock it off.


Sonya- *in a heavy Russian accent* COMRADE I AM OF HAVING OF DIFFICULT KEEPING UP PIRATE VOICE AN- shit this one's even harder!

"The Question is not who is going to let me, its who is going to stop me"~ Ayn Rand

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Well, so far,when I was felling kinda depressed, out of NOWHERE, Zoey ranted on about her views on life. It was along the lines of "Stop being so sad and mopey. If you want a better life, go out and work for it you lazy butt! If what you told me about your past is true, you worked to get where you are now, so pick yourself up, and work, damnit!"

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