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Favorite Tulpae Quotes

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"I swear, some people are just crazy."

"Said the person with a tulpa."

"Said the tulpa."

"It's all about synthesis, you don't have to be a real musician. You just synthesize your own reality, synthesize your own talents." -Klayton


My Three Mind Horses

Haven: Tulpa #1

Created on 10-28-14

Aphelion: Tulpa #2

Created on 2-25-15 

Chimera: Self Proclaimed Thoughtform

Created on: Can't remember. Sometime around Easter of 2017.


Warning: I am a huge nerd.

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I believe this happened back in the latter half of 2013. So I'm in a meditation retreat, and we've all taken a vow of silence. Most of us haven't been introduced, and people like me remedy that by coming up with names for everyone in our heads. This one guy looks just like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, so of course I've been calling him "Shaggy" -- just in my mind, of course. I'm sitting there in the meditation hall, and this guy walks past me, and I start playing this song from the Super Nintendo Scooby-Doo video game in my head.


Fenchurch: Come on! That's mean!

sushi: He can't hear it! It's just in my head! Since when is thought a crime?

Fenchurch: 1984?

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Resurrected this old thread, after this one was posted, then merged them.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Here's an interaction Edwin and I had yesterday that I mentioned in my PR:


Edwin: I wonder what my full name would be.


Me: I have been thinking about that lately.


Edwin: What you got in mind?


Me: Well… [trying to stifle a giggle] …there’s “Edwin Lambert Cottontail”.


Edwin: Yeah, no.


Me: Okay, okay. I was thinking something like “Edwin Nolan Lambert”.


Edwin: Lambert I’m okay with. Nolan…eh…not so much.


Me: Alright, what do you propose then?


Edwin: How about Brian for the middle name?


Me: Brian?


Edwin: Oh! Or even better. What if Edwin is my middle name and Brian is my first?


Me: Okay. So, “Brian Edwin Lambert”?


Edwin: Yeah.


Me: So, would you rather I call you Brian then?


Edwin: Nah, I don’t like that name.


Me: asdfjkl then why make it part of your name?


Edwin: I dunno. It’s just a common boy name, I guess. Which is why I don’t like it.


Me: Well, okay then. Pleased to meet you, Brian Edwin Lambert.


Edwin: Pleased to meet you, Courtney [full name withheld].


Me: I wish I could change back to my maiden name. I’m sick of having his name [referring to my ex-husband].


Edwin: Why don’t you take my last name?


Me: It’s not as easy as just randomly changing my name like that. Besides, we’re not married.


Edwin: Yet.


Me: Is that a proposal?


Edwin: Is that an acceptance?

[align=center]"Jesus Pickles!"

~ Edwin reacting to pretty much every jump scare in a horror movie[/align]


Avatar was made by me using a base.

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Progress Report

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A short list of Rei-isms:

"Come to wonderland and explore my slot canyon." (even in context - a trail-running date in the desert - it's still a deliberate double entendre)


"My uterus is trying to kill me!" (going into labour with Tove)


"Now you're just being racist." (said jokingly after I mentioned her being my Hobbes in some context, I don't remember how it came up)


There are others, some too risque for here, some inside jokes that only we would get, some lost to time and memory - she's a constant source of hilarity.



EDIT: I forgot about the time she tried to explain to me about how much childbirth hurt - she said it would be like me


a cannonball.



Tove hasn't had much time to produce a lot of witticisms yet, but she's asked, on several slightly embarassing occasions, if we were going to be making her a little sister.

Rei: more than a tulpa-she's a crisis counselor, an art therapist, a dietician, a relationship coach, a team morale expert, an athlete, an adventurer, a hawt wife, an incredible lover, an amazing mom, my best friend.


Tove: she's not a little tigress anymore! She's still the go-to gal for soccer advice and creative inspiration, especially monster design and all things cinematic...congrats on your engagement!

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I second that. :P


{My side of the church would be empty D:}

{Lol, true}


Hrm. Nevira and I are still eagerly waiting for the day Desmond fulfills his threats to marry L, haha.


As for favorite quotes... I'll come back to this thread when I recall anything my tulpas have ever said .____. *total blackout*

CM - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system

Desmond - 21st April 2014

L - 5th May 2014

Nevira - 14th December 2014

Misa - 5th December 2015

Roska - 22nd July 2019

Danyla - 13th July 2020

Progress report  Art thread  Our lounge thread

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You don't remember anything interesting I've said? Then... sausage, I guess...?


"Sausage, I guess" is now the greatest thing she has ever said.


Melody - Creation Date: October 21st, 2014

Pumpkin - Creation Date: January 2015


my mastodon - my other mastodon

We're gonna try to post more often, but you know, no promises or whatever.

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We were watching House of Cards and Claire said something really super brutal. I said " Dude, she just went lady macbeth on his ass" and she said "Sick literary reference, bro." Then we fistbumped. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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