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A collection of tips and tricks about tulpas and tulpamancy in general.


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I haven't the slighest idea which section this should be put in. It doesn't fit in Guides. It could fit in Tips and Tricks, but it's a collection of tips and while someone could pick and choose between them, some tips are good, others are questionable/incompatible with each other.


I would say that people should take a glance of this, so I'm leaning towards this being approved for Resources, disapproved for Guides and a blank vote as far as the Tips section goes (too many tips at once gets you some incompatible ones being put together).

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I noticed the previous view only link to this guide is already lost, so I went ahead and uploaded a PDF version of that link.


I decided not to create a back-up for the edited version for now. I don't know if there's much in the comments that are too useful, and most of the edits seem to make the guide much harder to read rather than easier. If there's anything in the comments you want to save or you want me to save a copy of the comments somehow, please let me know.


Given that this is a large resource list, I am not going to back up all of the resources for this submission. I'm going to assume if I back-up other guides, there won't be too much loss.

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